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Lucifer T2 — Wireless Earbuds With No Delays

Lucifer T2 — Wireless Earbuds With No Delays

Xiaomi’s gaming brand Black Shark has released its newest wireless earbuds. The Lucifer T2 is the latest on their true wireless technology, offering ultra-low latency, perfect for wireless gaming and video calls.

This wireless Bluetooth earbud is compatible with Android and iOS devices and features Hi-Fi stereo sound quality, a sleek design, long-lasting battery, among other features.

The Black Shark Lucifer 2 is currently available in Shopee for P2099; let’s find out if it’s worth the price.

Unboxing and Accessories Included

Once you open the box, you’ll see the charging case that includes the earbuds, a short USB-C cable to charge the device, a user manual, and some replacement ear tips.

Design and Aesthetics

The Lucifer T2 sports a modern look and offers the Black Shark signature color of black and green, with an LED design that flashes both in the earbuds and the case. The LED acts as an indicator for the case to show the charge remaining, while the LED indicator on the earbuds says whether it is on music or gaming mode.

Aside from the LED on the earbuds, the style is minimalistic. The metallic grey and black color combination is low-key and should fit most styles and outfits.

The case and the earbuds are lightweight and would fit in anyone’s pocket. Made mainly of plastic, both feel durable enough to hold their own in case of accidents.

Deep Dive / Gaming Mode

Once on gaming mode, the earbuds turn into 45ms ultra-low latency, eliminating any delay on your phone’s sounds to the earbuds. This feature is crucial for fast-paced video games like call of duty or mobile legends that demand instant sound relay for quicker response. I’ve played both games, so I can say that the low latency feature is a definite requirement for higher-end ranking matches.

Once on gaming mode, it is apparent that the sound quality diminishes quite noticeably.

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Usage and Comfort

I’ve been using the Lucifer T2 for more than three months now, and comfort-wise, it does need some more improvement. It took a lot of getting used to, like a newly bought sneaker that needs to adjust to your feet; it took at least 2 or 3 weeks of getting used to until the initial ear pain went away.

After the initial adjustment, it works as any earbud does. It is worth noting that the earbuds don’t have any level of sounds you can manually change and is primarily reliant on the phone’s sound level. You can fix this by downloading an equalizer for your phone to increase the sound further.


Overall the Black Shark Lucifer T2 has all the features you will need in a wireless earbud. With the low latency feature as its selling point, this product will benefit gamers and anyone who needs a lag-free listening experience.

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