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Confession of a Cheater

Confession of a Cheater

Have you ever wondered why people cheat? Do you ever try to put yourself in their shoe and know what made them decide to cheat? Is cheating the reason why you are afraid to commit and take the risk to fall in love? Well, I’m glad to let you know that this is a confession of a cheater.

What Does It Take To Fall In Love

“Love is being committed, showing care, and ready to sacrifice for your loved ones.”

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Loving is not just all happy like you are in a fairytale. It takes a courageous person to risk himself falling in love. You may have experienced loving in such an unexpected moment.

KT experienced pain from loving at a young age.

He was 14-year-old when he first had a relationship with his classmate thinking he found his comfort with her but then his girlfriend cheated. This was when he got his first heartbreak from a relationship.

Again, it takes a brave man to risk himself from loving. As you love someone, you are also making yourself vulnerable as they have access to your weakness.

POV of a Cheater

KT began to feel afraid of falling in love when he got cheated on by his first love. From then on, he started exploring things that would build up a wall for his heart. He did lots of naughty things in his teenage life. He was a playboy.

That’s the time when he met this girl—the girl he cheated on. Some girls on his age really wanted to commit to someone challenging with the thought that they might be the key for them, playboy, to change. But that is far from the truth.

Their relationship lasted a year, on and off relationship as KT said. He was serious with her.

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However, he met this other girl from another school. This other girl was popular with her beauty and charm. They first started talking in Facebook, as a friend at first, then later on found himself falling for this other girl while he was having an on and off relationship with his girlfriend.

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He did not realize at first that what he was doing was cheating because he thought that they were separated for days when he started talking with this other girl. Then their relationship continued, and the communication with the other girl is on-going.

However, it did not last long when he realized that was cheating on his girlfriend. He decided to break up with her then also end the communication he was having with this other girl. He felt guilty that he dragged two girls into his wrong decision.

“Trust your instinct because it’s only you who can feel if your partner is cheating on you.”


The truth will reveal and only time will tell.

Note: Names of people involved were not revealed for privacy purposes.

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