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Jason-Moira Breakup — What I Learned About It as an NBSB

Jason-Moira Breakup — What I Learned About It as an NBSB

Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez cuddling before a rainbow-lit scenery Photo: Facebook of Jason Hernandez

Jason Hernandez and singer Moira dela Torre just broke up after three years of marriage. As an NBSB and a fan, here is what I learned from the Jason-Moira breakup:

How it happened and ended

Screengrab from Jason’s proposal to Moira scene in the Tagpuan MV (Video: Star Music)

The Jason-Moira love story was one for the books. It was very poetic. Moira was skeptical about relationships due to past heartbreaks which were also the inspirations of her songs that made listeners cry their eyeballs. But after years of writing sad songs, Moira Dela Torre surprised her fans when she introduced Jason Hernandez as her fiance in the music video of “Tagpuan”. Months later, they surprised fans with their duet single “Ikaw At Ako”. Their wedding also became viral. It’s sad to see that all this love eventually faded when Jason confessed that he became unfaithful to Moira. Days after, the separated couple released statements in light of the issue.

What I learned from Jason-Moira breakup as an NBSB


The thing is, I’m not often really into showbiz intrigues. I respect the privacy of actors and performers that entertains us.

But I also acknowledge that their actions as public figures affect the perception of people toward different issues. That is true, whether we are talking about politics, relationships, morality, or other issues.

Having said that, Moira and Jason made us realize that there are no perfect relationships. Therefore, there are no perfect partners. However, I do believe too that there are mistakes that are non-negotiable like manipulation, physical abuse, and in this case, cheating.

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As an NBSB, I have yet to experience the whirlwind of romance. But one thing I do know is that commitment in any form, takes mutual and constant agreement sustained by communication and grace.

Problems are normal in any relationship. If one is already unbearable, just leave. Do a graceful exit, not a painful one. And worst, do not cheat. Commitments are meant to be exclusive. If another one enters, the commitment is broken already.

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