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Why Rainy Season is Such Comforting Weather

Why Rainy Season is Such Comforting Weather

The rainy season can be comforting for some people. Personally, rain gives me so much comfort especially when I am stressed due to massive workloads. The cold and gloomy weather while raining somewhat resembles a peaceful environment for me. In my opinion, here are some reasons why the rain is such comforting weather.

Coffee Time

Personally, the rainy season is a perfect time to drink a lot of coffee. The sound and cold feel it gives actually stimulate me to drink coffee. Watching every drop of the rain is a perfect way to enjoy your whole cup of coffee. 

The rainy season gives people a relaxing environment that will help them lessen stress. Personally, I am more motivated to do my task when the rain starts pouring on the streets. However, it could also reflect negative energy such as sadness and sorrow. Thus, it is important to ensure and do the things that are better for you.

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Cold Rainy Season

The weather in the Philippines can be best described as a giant hell pit. The scorching heat wave brings discomfort to everyone, especially to those who are working and traveling outside. However, when the rain starts to drop, the heat suddenly boils down and the cold and satisfying chilling breeze graces our skins. 

It is such a comforting place to work in a cold area. Most offices and workplaces have their own air conditioning unit. This would help the employees to have a much more comfortable environment while working. Luckily, the rainy season gives the same atmosphere in all places.

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Water for Everyone

Too much rain is alarming for everyone. It may cause floods in prone areas, especially in the capital of the Philippines. However, it is not only humans who are benefiting from the comfort of the rain. Plants and other living organisms on Earth also benefit from the water above the ground. 

As we know, water is important for plants. Plants need water to complete their photosynthesis cycle in producing their own food. However, plants can not walk, right? Thus, the plants are dependent on the rain drops. Animals and other organisms also have no other resource of water aside from any body of water and the rain. This just shows how much comfort the rain gives to humans and fellow creatures on Earth. 

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The rainy season is a much-awaited season in the Philippines much like the summer season. It gives us humans more comfort, especially at much lower temperatures. However, we must be vigilant and do everything in our forces to stop climate change from happening. As we know, climate change can ruin our place of home and cause discomfort to all of us.
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