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OPINION: Our Nation Should Invest in Public Transportation

OPINION: Our Nation Should Invest in Public Transportation

Until now, heavy traffic is still a problem in our country. I have always thought that maybe the problem lies within us, the commuters. But when I became a working student, I finally found the root of the problem: lack of investment in public transportation. 

At least four times a week, I wake up at 4:00 in the morning to prepare for my 6 AM shift. At 5 AM, I am already out of my house en route to work. During these solemn hours, when private vehicles are still parked in their own garage and jeeps and buses are all you can see on the streets, you will realize that the flow of traffic is not really that bad. 

As a nation that thinks commuting symbolizes our social status, how can we be convinced to put our faith and lay our bets on public transportation? Well, these reasons can probably help.   

It can be the Solution to Solve Traffic

Photo | BBC

Fact: public vehicles like jeepneys, buses, and trains can carry more passengers than the usual four or six-seater cars. If more people opt to commute to work rather than buy their own private cars, then the number of vehicles on the streets may lessen. This results in wider and clearer streets and more spaces for pedestrians to have the option of walking or cycling. Therefore, when public transportation is appreciated and preferred by the masses, the occurrence of heavy traffic will lessen as well. 

Public Transportation is Good for the Economy 

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When we advocate for commuting, we are not only investing in public transportation, we are also investing in our economy. Naturally, jobs are created when a nation and its government betted on public transportation. Aside from that, it also bridges people to otherwise unreachable opportunities since location will not be a problem anymore. This is good for our economy because high employment means we are capable of spending. When we spend, we resuscitate the domestic demand for goods and services that could initiate overall economic growth. 

Promotes Mobility

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Another benefit of investing in public transportation is promoting mobility. If people are commuting, they are active and always on the go. This does not only affect their lifestyle but their mindset and overall mood as well. When stimulated, there are better chances that we will also become productive.

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Commuting is Budget-Friendly 

Photo | Light Rail Manila Corporation

In this economy, nothing gives us joy rather than spending below our allotted budget for the day. We are all aware that it is really more expensive to own a car compared to commuting. When we factor in gas money, toll fees, and other expenses such as maintenance, it is hard to skimp because we might compromise our safety. But, if we commute, we do not really have to think that much because all we have to worry about is our fare and our belongings too, of course.

Do not get me wrong, I am not entirely against people who prefer to have their own cars. However, as a part of a nation who are struggling to solve heavy traffic and poor commuting system, it would also do us good to explore some other options such as investing and encouraging people to use public transportation.    

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