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Underrated Musicians, You Should Try Listening to(If You Haven’t Yet)

Underrated Musicians, You Should Try Listening to(If You Haven’t Yet)

Music is a universal language. When simple words fail, add a little tune and you just sing your heart out. And musicians are masters of this art.

The music industry is home to a variety of stars that serves as the heart and soul of the industry itself. Each voice holds the power to inspire and provoke action, make you think, and question or move your emotions.

When you hear the word musician which artist first pops in your head? Taylor Swift, Adele, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, or maybe The Weeknd? Of course, common answers will consist of well-known names, all of which had their fame already spread worldwide.

However, there are definitely artists who shine outside the spotlight and have the power to enchant you with their music. And you may have heard their song or two, without knowing who sang them.

Indeed, modern songs are great, but there is a greater joy in discovering a new medley of musicians excelling in their craft unbeknownst to many people. It is truly satisfying when you discover an artist before they were famous.

For the love of music…

Refresh your music taste and playlists with the songs of these amazing artists. If you are looking for equally talented and unique singers, don’t worry because I got you.

Join me as I explore the world of music in search of hidden gems hiding in plain sight. Here are underrated musicians you might want to listen to if you haven’t yet.

Kiana Ledé

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/Javi Becerra

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 3, 957, 994

My Fave Song/s: Mad At Me., EX

Alec Benjamin

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/dilam gray

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 13, 463, 382

My Fave Song/s: Let Me Down Slowly, Oh My God, Mind is a Prison


Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/Danny

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 12, 293, 558

My Fave Song/s: Cure For Me, Home, Exist For Love

Pink Sweat$

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/Spotify

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 12, 684, 981

My Fave Song/s: Lows, Honesty, 17, At My Worst

Bruno Major

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/ Yalle Media

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 8, 937, 282

My Fave Song/s: Easily, Home

Gracie Abrams

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/ laufey

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 4, 323, 562

My Fave Song/s: Mess It Up, Feels Like, Friend

Clinton Kane

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/misconstrue

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 9, 998, 769

My Fave Song/s: I don’t wanna watch the world end with someone else, CHICKEN TENDIES, Fix It to Break It

Lyn Lapid

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/ via Lyn Lapid’s Instagram

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 2, 912, 499

My Fave Song/s: Producer Man, My Sunny Day

Ben Platt

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/ Gwendolin Peura

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 4, 611, 678

My Fave Song/s: Grow as We Go, happy to be sad, I wanna love you but I don’t

Em Beihold

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 4, 758, 651

My Fave Song/s: Numb Little Bug, Groundhog Day


Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Mokita Official Facebook Page

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 2, 955, 733

My Fave Song/s: colorblind, down

Peter Manos

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 762, 944

See Also

My Fave Song/s: In My Head, You Don’t Know Me

Blake Rose

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/ NoteStore

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 3, 035, 469

My Fave Song/s: Gone, Lost


Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/pm studio

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 2, 349, 175

My Fave Song/s: 1999, Say


Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/sunny!!

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 576, 389

My Fave Song/s: ur just a fan, astroboy.

James Smith

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/Spotify

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 2, 199, 390

My Fave Song/s: Tell Me That You Love Me, Call Me When It’s Over

The Band Camino

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/ReverbNation

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 2, 519, 349

My Fave Song/s: I Think I Like You, Who Do You Think You Are

And that’s the end of my list.

I know, I know. However, I couldn’t possibly fit all of them in one writing. But, you can all follow them on Spotify and other social and music platforms.

If you know more underrated musicians/singers, you can share your own list below.

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