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These TikTok POV creators are successfully making our blood boil — but we still can’t stop watching!

These TikTok POV creators are successfully making our blood boil — but we still can’t stop watching!

Point-of-view or POV TikTok videos have been making rounds on our For You Page for quite some time now. From high school romance scenarios to anak ng mafia boss skits, creators are constantly racking their brains for new content to quench our daily thirst for entertainment.

However, some TikTok POVs are created with the intent to make our blood boil! Do we stop watching it? No, because it’s absolutely hilarious!

Here are some of the most entertainingly maddening TikTok creators and their skits.

Hassan (@ssanwhere)

This creator’s characters are probably the most hated ones on TikTok, especially the girl best friend and boy best friend personas.

@ssanwhere platonic lang naman 👄💋 gbf is just a baddie!! #fyp ♬ fancy out of my mind – mashup queen 👑 dms don’t work
@ssanwhere sabi niya wag ko daw pagselosan bestfriend niya 🔪😭 #fyp ♬ Ginseng Strip 2002 – Yung Lean

Hassan packaged the whole stereotype of GBFs and BBFs in his videos and the whole TikTok community ate it up.

@ssanwhere hay baka mapano naman bestfriend ko 😡 ewan ko na lang 🤪💀 #fyp ♬ concerned baddie – hassan
@ssanwhere omg stay safe boy bff 😖😭🙏🏽 #fyp ♬ original sound – hassan

Still, real-life girlfriends and boyfriends can’t stop watching his videos, even though it’s actually meant to infuriate them!

@ssanwhere thank you gbf ❤️ #fyp ♬ ako bahala sayo – hassan
@ssanwhere baka di lang sa shoulder niya ilalagay yung ulo ko 🙏🏽❤️ ganda ng music taste #fyp ♬ old songs – hassan

Despite all our rage boiling inside us, we still can’t get enough of Hassan’s portrayals of GBFs and BBFs! Is making ourselves mad becoming a hobby now?

Ja Leonor (@jaleonor)

This creator takes us back to our high school and college days where we had to deal with annoying cool kids.


Iyak siya ih 😩

♬ original sound – Ja Leonor

invited ka po,, sa langit nga lang

♬ original sound – Ja Leonor

Ja’s portrayals of the popular kid getting all riled up whenever someone from the school or class forgets or ignores him definitely reminds us of someone we used to know and hate during our student years.


Daming sinasabi

See Also

♬ original sound – Ja Leonor

Luh di ba pwedeng nakakairita ka lang?

♬ original sound – Ja Leonor

If I had the chance to pass my hands through my phone screen and strangle him (the cool kid, not Ja!), I would in a heartbeat.

Gigiboy Jose (@itsgigiboi)

Conyo kid? Mema classmate? Feeling “influencer”? Well, this creator has it all for you.

@itsgigiboi #pov : mema recitation #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #conyo #tiktokph #tiktokphilippines ♬ original sound – gigi || IG: @itsgigiboi
@itsgigiboi #pov im still from the south #conyo #fyp #foryou #accent #accentchallenge ♬ original sound – gigi || IG: @itsgigiboi

Several of collectively hated personas are present in his skits and Gigiboy definitely portrayed it so well — it’s like his second skin, tbh.

@itsgigiboi #pov : your pabida classmate #school #schoollife #fyp #conyo #itsgigiboi #foryou ♬ original sound – gigi || IG: @itsgigiboi
@itsgigiboi #pov : ur classmate is an “influencer” #conyo #school #schoollife #tiktokedu ♬ original sound – gigi || IG: @itsgigiboi

These kinds of people are not inherently bad, though. It’s just that some of them are so far up themselves that their personality revolves around being THAT conyo mema “influencer” classmate.

A gentle reminder to everyone: Remember that these are just POVs. Do not throw your phone across your room out of rage and frustration. We’re on TikTok to have a good time not induce a stroke due to high blood pressure.

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