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Top 2023 OPM Songs to listen while raining

Top 2023 OPM Songs to listen while raining

Original Pilipino Music (OPM) always hits different in rainy days. So here is the Top OPM songs to listen while raining.

Rainy days and good songs definitely put you in a better mood. It can be a happy mood, relax or senti mood. These top OPM masterpieces deserves a spot in your playlist.

OPM songs to match the Drizzly Vibe

The song entitled Binibini by Zack Tabudlo is first in the list. The song is all about relationship and heartbreak. The lyrics makes yout to just stay in the bed and appreciate the rain.

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Ako Naman Muna is next in the playlist . It iswritten and performed by the rising star Angela Ken It is about self-love and self affirmation. Perfect music that encourage you to love yourself in your sunny and rainy days.

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Matulog ka na by singer Clayson is third in the playlist. It is a heartfelt and soothing song and also serves lullaby in a rainy days.

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Next, the song called KLWKN (Kalawakan) by Music Hero. This OPM songs talks about reminiscing your happy memories with your loved ones. Moreover, it is a good song to listen with vibe during this rainy days.

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Also, we have the famous song by the Itchyworms entitled Di Na Muli. It touched many Filipinos with its powerful lyrics and heartwarming melodies. This song will surely put you in a senti mood while raining.

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Next is the song called Huminahon by Up for Byes ft. Elle Sebastian. It is a masterpiece that talks about being there to someone you truly care about. It suits the rainy weather.

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Last but not the least, is Raining in Manila by Lola Amour which is very popular right now. This song is an expression of a person who is truly missing someone but unfortunately cannot communicate because of the bad weather

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Listening to our favorite songs during rainy days can be special also. We can reminisce, rest, unwind and appreciate our life in every way. So check out this youtube link to listen these top OPM songs that you can play while raining.

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