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Top 5 Best Adie Songs

Top 5 Best Adie Songs

Adie Garcia, a popular Filipino singer, model, and influencer, gained widespread fame by sharing his powerful renditions of well-known songs through viral YouTube videos. His cover song uploads quickly gained traction, attracting a diverse audience. In 2020, O/C Records signed Adie Garcia to a contract, with renowned singer Kean Cipriano mentoring him as part of the arrangement. Adie’s talent for songwriting, particularly in the genre of love songs, deeply resonated with listeners, evoking feelings of love and admiration. His mesmerizing voice and striking appearance further endeared him to his fans, who idolized him.

Here are my Top 5 favorite songs of Adie:

1. Paraluman

Paraluman was released in 2021. This song that inspires individuals to believe in themselves rather than just being a typical love song. Paraluman’s beauty captivated Adie, and he fell in love with her at first sight. This beautiful tune would undoubtedly make us feel both calm and in love. Paraluman received 29 million views on YouTube and a million streams on Spotify. It highlights his unwavering commitment to respecting her as paraluman, a lovely person, regardless of her future transformations. If you cherish the beauty of your loved ones, Paraluman is the song for you. 

2. Tahanan by Adie

On December 8th, the song “Tahanan” was released. It beautifully captures the essence of finding someone and a sense of belonging in the embrace of a loved one. The song delves into the profound connection within a family, symbolizing a constant source of comfort and support. Adie, the talented songwriter, drew inspiration from a movie and had already crafted the chorus several months prior to its release. Interestingly, the completion of the song coincided with a profound moment of unexpected affection in Adie’s life. He found himself envisioning a future with someone, which effortlessly led him to finalize the entire track. “Tahanan” has impressively amassed 7.6 million views on YouTube and has been streamed over a million times on Spotify.

3. G.K.Y.A.M (Gusto Kita Yun Ang Mahalaga)

G.K.Y.A.M means “Gusto Kita Yun Ang Mahalaga” was released on 2023. This song is about confessing your love to a person. Moreover, “Gusto Kita ‘Yan Ang Mahalaga” or “G.K.Y.A.M.” draws inspiration from individuals who have faced setbacks and lost hope in showcasing their abilities to someone else. Despite these challenges, the song admirably presents an optimistic outlook. It falls under the genre of new wave OPM pop, a captivating musical style that brings immense joy to those who appreciate this genre of music. G.K.Y.A.M is one of my favorite songs right now because it gives me so much joy and hope for the someone I love. G.K.Y.A.M has 103K views in just 7 days.

4. Mahika by Adie and Janine Berdin

Furthermore, since its release in 2022, “Mahika” has stood out as one of the best songs I have heard. Moreover, “Mahika” masterfully captures the enchanting experience of encountering someone who ignites a profound sense of butterflies, surpassing mere interest and evolving into a truly magical connection. Notably, this captivating song has achieved an impressive milestone of 3.1 million views on YouTube and has been streamed over a million times on Spotify.

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5. Dungaw

Adie Garcia released “Dungaw” in 2021. According to Adie, the track encapsulates the journey of healing for individuals who are still grappling with the aftermath of a previous relationship, emphasizing their struggle to let go and move forward.
The main character finds her partner in the soothing sound of raindrops and gazes out the window, reminiscing about cherished moments shared with their partner. However, Dungaw has 676K views on Youtube.

Adie’s original love songs in the OPM (Original Pinoy Music) genre received substantial attention on YouTube, accumulating thousands of views, while on Spotify, they garnered millions of listeners. Adie makes people to fall in love and to be heartbroken at the same time. Adie is one of the best singer and songwriter in the OPM world.

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