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Things To Do When You Have Your Friends As Your Thesis Groupmates

Things To Do When You Have Your Friends As Your Thesis Groupmates

The thesis has been a highlight in the academic years of a student. It’s also one of the most important requirements for a student to graduate from college. Due to its natural difficulty, most groupmates tend to clash with each other because of differing ideas and cooperation. However, what if your good friends become your thesis groupmates?

Having Your Friends As Your Thesis Groupmates

Many students have been jokingly asked if it’s required to have a clash with their groupmates first before the oral defense. Moreover, I have also heard some stories that they aren’t friends with their groupmates anymore.

Maybe, because the differing attitudes, mannerisms, and cooperation make it hard for the students to not pick against each other. However, you can still keep your friends while doing your thesis papers. Here are some of the benefits of having your friends as your groupmates:

  • You already know each other’s attitudes, most especially if they’ve been your classmates since the first year
  • The vibe of the group will be lighter because you’re at ease with them as your groupmates
  • You can easily settle the division of works and the schedule of working on the thesis papers

Things To Do When You Have Your Friends As Your Thesis Groupmates

1. Be open. Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses

Believe it or not, you still have to delve into each other’s strengths and weaknesses. For the further understanding of each other, being open within the group about the weaknesses may help in keeping the friendship. Moreover, your friends slash groupmates can understand if you cannot perform something. There will be no pressure because you understand each other. Some works can now be voluntarily taken because a certain groupmate can do it well.

In line with this, I and my friends took random personality tests online just to distinguish what can be the lapses that may happen during the process. However, we also discussed how to offer a solution to that certain lapses.

2. Be open and cooperative.

Never ever leave your groupmates behind. If you’re unable to do something, communicate with them. That way, others can take the chance in doing a certain task. Be cooperative in terms of meeting, always be present unless you have a valid reason why you’re unable to attend. Moreover, remember that your friends are your teammates since your first few years of getting along with them. They’re not your opponents just because some professors grade the thesis papers individually.

3. Understand each other’s differences.

Know that you and your groupmates are raised differently. This means attitudes, values, and other facades of them differ from yours. You don’t have to confront them if they become sluggish in their work because sometimes, there are people who work at their own pace. Moreover, there are also people who work effectively under pressure.

4. Avoid fighting at all costs.

No matter what happens, never let your anger or your short temper get into your head. If something’s not right with the thesis paper, you can always address your friends about that in a nice way. Always remember that they’re still your friends.

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There are also times that mental health acts up due to certain factors. Try not to pick on them because they’re also burdened too. Understand and make the circle comfortable as possible.

5. Remember to pass the needed manuscripts on or before the deadline.

No matter how much a person delays their work, they still must pass their assigned work on or before the deadlines. Be responsible for managing your time. This became one of the reasons why some groups fight; the certain groupmates’ inability to manage their time. Due to the time pressure, the other groupmates tend to get annoyed because a certain groupmate didn’t pass their work on time.

Doing the thesis papers is truly a challenge to a friendship because you will get to witness them getting pressured, annoyed, stressed, and all sorts of stuff a person can feel when doing something important.

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However, through a little understanding, responsibility, and cooperation, your friends being your groupmates can make the thesis work without discarding the friendship!

For the students who are currently doing their thesis papers, and those who will go through the thesis days next year, you all can do it. Let’s all claim that we will graduate with flying colors, and become successful someday.

Padayon, learners!

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