This guy creates ‘thesis’ as a monthsary gift to girlfriend


Listen up, boys! There are other ways to bring love and kilig to your girlfriends, you just have to be unique… and analytical. Instead of bouquet of flowers and a box of expensive chocolates, a netizen named Nicholai Silva has developed a thesis telling the story of his relationship with his girlfriend as a gift for their 9th month celebration.

The said thesis, entitled “Nicholai Loving Ysa: A Study Based on the Foundation of Their Beautiful Profound Relationship and Why Nicholai Loves Ysabelle So Much,” was complete with scope of limitation, references and even a theoretical framework.

Take a look!

“Dahil mahal kita at miss ko gumawa ng thesis, eto.. HAHAHAHA. HAPPY 9TH MONTHSARY,” he wrote.

Under the “Statement of the Problem” section, Nicholai wrote, “understand the beauty of the foundation of their profound relationship through the hard but fun months.”

Of course, the girlfriend, Ysabelle showed her appreciation and commented, “woah, I love you bebiiii.”

According to Nicholai,  the “study” took him an hour to finish. Of course, with the goal of focusing on the beautiful side of their relationship to share positive vibes with everyone.

As of this writing, the said post already garnered 57,000 likes and almost 100,000 shares.

Stay in love, love birds! We are all rooting for you!

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