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Non-binary fashion is emerging. How are Filipinos contributing to it?

Non-binary fashion is emerging. How are Filipinos contributing to it?

Non-binary refers to individuals that do not identify with either male or female codes. They live outside of the gender binaries. Personalities like Vice Ganda, Sam Smith, Indya Moore, and Demi Lovato have all come out as non-binary. Non-binary fashion means fluidly presenting yourself in a way that blurs the line between masculine and feminine.

Non-binary fashion is emerging. How are Filipinos contributing to it?


Arthur Osin is a Tiktok influencer with over 700 thousand followers. The artist struck fame posting videos of them having 70 different poses in a minute. Since then, they have been featured in several different publications showcasing their brilliance in modeling. Arthur often rocks a skirt in their OOTDs or a belted coat showing off their decolletage. They also never shy away from dipping back and forth between masculine and feminine silhouettes or merging the two together.


Sef Loseo, a visual and creative director set the bar high when it comes to fashion. He has always put out glorious content for his campaign #LetBoysBeFeminine. He has been an inspiring force in Non-Binary Fashion for quite a while. With features in several local and international magazines, as well as posing for MAC Philippines’ Ruby Woo campaign. With all the creative juices in him, he is set to be one of this generation’s style icons especially when it comes to gender-bending looks. 


Joshua Cruz is another content creator from Tiktok that celebrates the boundless possibilities of Non-Binary Fashion. A growing content creator that has 70 thousand followers on Tiktok and 15 thousand followers on Instagram, Josh showcased his styling abilities from his thrift flips to his self-produced photoshoots in the comfort of his room. Josh surely knows how to rock a crop top as one of his signature style pieces. Showing off his physique whilst adding a feminine flair to his outfits. He does not let clothing labels dictate what he can wear. We can all see that it pays off, and it definitely works.

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Celebrating Non-Binary-ness

This upcoming Pride Month, I am hoping to see more queer voices and personalities shine. We can all agree that queer creatives are unmatched in whatever platform we are given. These are but a few inspirational people from this generation breaking barriers in the ever-evolving fashion industry. If western countries have already welcomed these non-binary fashion styles, we are on the right track towards making the same impact in our scene.

We are prime examples that our people are definitely trailblazers in our own right. 

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