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That’s Not Me. That’s Facebook Me.

That’s Not Me. That’s Facebook Me.

Personality differs depending on social media accounts. Am I a funny person because of the funny memes I share on my Facebook account? Or am I in love with someone who I have been tweeting about on Twitter? Am I an art enthusiast as I post aesthetic images on my Instagram?

Who am I? It depends on what social media account you’re looking at.

My social media personalities

Just like how people say “I don’t mix business with personal matters”, I don’t like to mix my Twitter with my Facebook. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who is like this.

It’s really interesting to see how some people tend to be like that as well. I can see how they are different based on what they share, post, and retweet. At times, you might even confuse other people about who you really are.

So, here’s a rundown of how people’s personality online differs based on the platform they use.  


This has been widely used by almost everyone. With over 2.9 billion users, it is considered the most used social media platform which can easily be navigated by anyone. Even my grandmother and little cousins use this.

Its messaging counterpart, Messenger, has been the most commonly used messaging application due to it being more accessible despite not having any load credits.  

The thing about Facebook is that people can easily find you there. Unless maybe you lock your account or fix it in your settings, you can easily be found here with just a type of your name. Needless to say, this platform is very much your personal account.


Twitter isn’t really used by that many people. Unlike Facebook, you can’t easily be found on Twitter because how you need to create your own unique username. Since my family members don’t really use this, I can tweet things that I don’t usually post on Facebook

This platform seems to not really mind what you post. It’s fun to use just because it feels like you’re talking to no one in particular. You just tweet whatever you have in mind.

With Twitter, there are some who want to separate their interests. You may have:

  1. Personal Account – Tweet the most random things that you want to tweet. Your followers here are some of those that you have known personally or as friends. For artists, they use their personal accounts to create their own branding.
  2. Stan Account – You can find accounts that are dedicated to tweeting about your interests. It may be about a K-pop idol or an actor. These are the tweets that just support your idol.
  3. Dump account – These are the most personal account of all Twitter accounts there. This is a private account where you can just tweet anything that you don’t want your followers from the personal account to see. Usually, this only has limited followers which are only your CLOSEST friends.    

People tend to do this because of the algorithms. Just as on other social media platforms, the tweets or posts shown in your feed will be based on the algorithm of who you follow or what you like. Separate accounts can help distinguish what posts will show to your feed.

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This can also separate the follows that you have and the audiences of the tweets you post.


The models, fashion, and a whole world of aesthetics, it’s all here. It’s really amusing to see how everyone on this platform can be so photogenic. With their clean Instagram feed to their photo editing skills to match their aesthetic, it makes me feel conscious about what and how I post my photos.

Most people tend to build their good image here. There are many personalities getting discovered on this account so many people try to establish their names on this account.


Ah, yes. Tumblr. The darkest platform I have ever been to. I don’t let anyone know about my account on Tumblr. It’s not because I post inappropriate things, but because this became my dump account. Compared to Twitter, this platform doesn’t have a character limit. So, I tend to write some of my things here. Thoughts, poems, and just quotes that I want to keep. I don’t mind if anyone sees it because I don’t think anyone knows who’s who here.

Though some people find it boring, I find it nice because of the variety of arts present on this platform.

I think this has become an open space for people, especially since it doesn’t require your real name. Overall, I still think that Twitter can show the real me. What social media reflects the ‘real’ you the most?

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