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Arshie Larga Wins TikTok Creator Of The Year 2023 Award

Arshie Larga Wins TikTok Creator Of The Year 2023 Award

Arshie Larga Wins Creator Of The Year 2023 Award

The 27-year-old pharmacist, Arshie Larga, wins this year’s TikTok Creator of the Year. Both panel and public votes determined the winners, who triumphed last month in the TikTok Awards Philippines 2023 in the Newport Performing Arts Theater.

Arshie Larga Wins TikTok Creator Of The Year 2023 Award

Arshie has gained recognition for creating engaging and informative TikTok videos aimed at enlightening audiences of all backgrounds about medicines. In this tech-driven era where misinformation can arise, he stands out as a reliable content creator.

I promise to keep on creating educational, entertaining, and inspirational videos para sa inyo,” he said in his speech. He also encouraged his fellow TikTok creators to value the community that they’ve built.

In his speech, he stressed the importance of not being dazzled by wealth. He also highlighted that income can be earned, but earning people’s trust proves to be an even greater challenge.

Let’s always use our platforms wisely and responsibly, and ‘yung clout natin gamitin sa tamang paraan — not just to entertain but to inspire.

Arshie Larga in his speech for the TikTok Creator of the Year 2023

He leveraged his growing presence on social media to disseminate awareness and inspire others.

GMA Entertainment | Arshie Larga bags 2023 TikTok Creator of the Year Award

We should all aspire to act responsibly— like Arshie, on our platforms, ensuring that our social media spaces remain free from misinformation and disinformation. Nevertheless, if we inevitably share incorrect information, we must promptly address it and modify what’s right.

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Furthermore, many content creators like him also use their TikTok platform to raise more truths. May it be about health, history, and many other niches that these creators specialize in.

Here are some reliable creators from TikTok

History- Mighty Magulang

Nona Magno-Veluz, a TikTok content creator specializes in making history more accessible and understandable for people. She has playlists like ‘Today In History,’ ‘Tuklas-Ninuno,’ and ‘Kamaganak.’ She explains each topic clearly and provides evidence to reinforce the truth.

Law- Atty. Migs Nograles

Meanwhile, Attorney Migs aims to make the Philippine law brief and simple for her audiences. She is known for her ‘PBA: #PaanoBaAttorney‘ series where people can ask questions about their rights. Then, Attorney Migs will provide an explanation of the relevant law or bill, clarifying its key terms and considerations.

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