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INSTAGRAM RAID: Slater Young and Kryz Uy’s #FamilyGoals

INSTAGRAM RAID: Slater Young and Kryz Uy’s #FamilyGoals

#CoupleGoals, #FamilyGoals, and #HouseGoals — Slater Young and Kryz Uy are indeed livin’ the *LIFE.*

Their family is just too perfect. And we are so lucky because we can follow their family’s wonderful ganaps through Instagram.

From celebrity couple goals, Slater Young and Kryz Uy’s #SkyFam is now a family of four! With three boys in the family, Kryz remains to be the diva of SkyFam.

Slater and Kryz tied the knot in February 2019, four years after their first meeting in 2015.

ICYDK Kryz, and Slater are both descendants of Filipino-Chinese families. Additionally, they shared a similar upbringing and Cebuano roots. But we all know—and they are both outspoken about this—that they did not have favorable first impressions of one another. Slater perceived Kryz as a “sosyal” girl, and he originally disliked “sosyalin” girls; whereas Kryz initially considered him to be a playboy.

Nevertheless, as they got to know one another better, their initial impressions did not last.

Due to each of the couple’s particular celebrity status, their relationship quickly gained popularity. Slater achieved fame by winning Pinoy Big Brother, whilst Kryz built her image as a content creator.

Aside from their precious romance, they also have the kind of home many are dreaming of.

The luxurious mansion of the couple in Cebu, which they call Skypod, is absolutely #HouseGoals!

If King Charles and the late Princess Diana have William and Harry, then Slater and Kryz have Scottie and Sevi. Who can resist the cuteness of these two?

#Skyfam is Love

Slater and Kryz never miss an opportunity to bond with their sons. Scottie, as shown in the video, appears to be having a great time and a lot of giggles with her playful mom.

The adorable Scottie also keeps on blossoming as he develops his communication ability. In the video, he wakes up his sleeping father and tells him that he needs to leave for work. Cute!

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Last August, the couple shared some photographs of baby Sevi who just turned 3 months old! Oh, isn’t he lovely?

For the #SkyFam, travel and adventure are a must.

Slater and Kryz had been enjoying traveling as a couple even before they got married. Now, they are a family of four always ready to hit the road.

Of course, after their responsibilities to their family and their respective careers, Slater and Kryz still make sure to keep their love for each other alive.

Indeed, #SkyFam is #FamilyGoals!

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