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Which of these types of quarantine people are you?

Which of these types of quarantine people are you?

We are currently in our third week of the enhanced community quarantine — and this situation is practically exposing a lot of distinct personality types. With most of us spending our 24 hours a day at the comfort of our home, some might be feeling bored and have been itching to go out to meet their friends. However, this health crisis caused by coronavirus disease (COVID-19) left us with no choice — to stay home until the end of the quarantine.

Earlier this week, President Rodrigo Duterte approved the extension of enhanced community quarantine until April 30, 2020.

Quick question: What are you doing during quarantine?

For almost a month, some have been doing the same routine day by day — watching series, home workouts, doing household chores — while some are trying to figure out how to change our routine and mix things up a bit.

So here’s a list types of people during quarantine, one of whom you might be.

The Netflix Slave

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We are all guilty. Even before the start of this pandemic, we all have our Netflix account to binge-watch series during our free time. Now that we are are just staying at home and got no work loads to do, finishing an entire season of your favorite series will never be a problem.

The BL Fanatic

2Gether Series

Where the girl and gays at? In the past week, the popularity of Thailand’s BL series has been growing exponentially among Filipinos. One of the most popular BL series today is 2Gether starring Vachirawit Chiva-aree and Metawin Opas-iamkajorn. In fact, their characters Tine and Sarawat garnered a huge following in just a short span of time.

The Hardworking Employee


Work-from-home peeps, I feel you! Despite the crisis we are now experiencing, these people still have to work but, thankfully, a work-from-system has been imposed. Well, we don’t have the right to complain. God is still good.

The Temporary Chef


This situation is bringing out the hidden talent in us. As we all know, due to this COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t eat at our favorite restaurants — so why not cook on your own and share it with your family.

The Unbothered Fur Parent

Dog Fight City

For those people who have pets at home, this is the best time to bond with your fur babies. Be a responsible fur mom/dad!

The Fitness Junkie

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With the absence of fitness gyms, these people have to think of alternatives on how to stay fit during this quarantine. Well, you can ask help with online fitness coaches or watch fitness videos on YouTube!

The Sleeping Beauty


Beauty rest is important — and you have more than enough time to do it during quarantine.

The Social Media Rat

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Who says that quarantine is keeping you from being a social animal? You can get updates from your friends through social media. Talk to them while you can!

The Productive Oatmeals

Chicago Parent

Read books. Improve your soft skills. Enroll to online courses. Help your mom.


So, which of these types of quarantine people are you?

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