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Twitter Spaces is now a go-to online hangout for Filipino creators

Twitter Spaces is now a go-to online hangout for Filipino creators

Twitter Space - #TheGradeRoom

Twitter Spaces is the newly released add-on feature of the social media website. Everyone within the platform can interact through an audio room. Because of its user-friendly nature, it has become the go-to online hangout for Filipino creators. Several groups of Twitter have already established their own Spaces. Among the known groups would include #WeekendTawanan#SpaceTok#StarStuddedKanto#TheSafeTable, and #HouseOfFrogs. Each of these spaces has a schedule to follow as if building their own mini-podcast. Of course, they set certain topics where Speakers can share their thoughts about it.

Twitter Spaces is now a go-to online hangout for Filipino creators

Aside from that, Listeners can also become Speakers. That way, they can share their thoughts and interact with other Speakers about given topics. Most Twitter Spaces have Speakers that talk about experiences in life, love, humor, novelty, politics, and advocacies among others. This became the main reason why users dubbed it as an engaging platform. Spaces also give people an avenue to meet new friends and express themselves. Users can also have an outlet to get away from the boredom and anxiety that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused.

Twitter Spaces give way for people to showcase talents like singing, acting, and most notably impersonating voices of known personalities. Among the popular celebrities taking over the Spaces would include Ariana Grande, Rufa Mae Quinto, Madam Jessica Soho, and Mimiyuuuh. Sometimes, it’s not them personally. But, those of which who have monikers of the way they talk which remains fun and gives so much entertainment in the Twitter Spaces.

Village Pipol interviewed these talented voice impersonators via email. And, we feel excited to share their humble stories behind the voices they impersonate on Twitter Spaces. 


One of the country’s most-followed vlogger on YouTube, Mimiyuuuh has captured the heart of the nation. With their wittiness, trending videos, and one-of-a-kind charm, they became the inspiration of student Jerwin Jimenez. They became the most-requested voice impersonator in Spaces. Hopping from one space to another as Mimiyuuuh, he resonates as them. They become the center of attention and ultimately, let Listeners experience one-of-a-kind entertainment.

Jimenez gained traction when he joined a user’s Twitter Spaces. He greeted them with Mimiyuuuh’s voice and mimicked the iconic Lazada promotion. Since then, he became one of the most requested guest speakers in Twitter Spaces. Then, he realized the gift of talent and how timely it can make people laugh. He felt as if he could help people turn their negative vibes into

“Twitter Spaces helps me a lot as a person. Because I found a new family, I share my real story behind Mimiyuuuh’s voice. And, also because of Spaces, many people inspired by my story. As a person, it helps me a lot when it comes to communicating skills by entertaining them. And, also I learned some moral values. Because they are sharing their thoughts and opinions when they talked about their lives and their past experiences.”

Aside from Mimiyuuuh, Jerwin also impersonates the voices of Princess Sarah and Boobie.


“Go go go! Todo na ‘to…” is probably one of the most iconic lines of the award-winning comedy actress Rufa Mae Quinto. The line came from her role as the heroine; Super B. Rufa Mae became the inspiration of Dranreb Balbalosa. Impersonating Super B in Twitter Spaces, he actually works as an interior design.

Twitter Space - Rufa Mae

In an interview, he admitted that he started mimicking Rufa’s voice way before Spaces. He uses it through the voice chatting feature of Mobile Legends while playing with friends. When Spaces became a hit during the Holiweek, he and his friends joined one. Then, a friend asked him to play Rufa. As a result, it became a hit with the Listeners. When asked how he feels when he makes people laugh, he says this:

“The elation of impersonating Rufa (Mae Quinto) and having people listen and enjoy your work is incredibly rewarding. Kaya go, go, goooo lang sa pagspace because it also brought happiness not for others but also for me, myself, and I. Seeing the feedback tweets are also a mood booster for me.” 


Who doesn’t know God is the Woman international and top-charter singer Ariana Grande? We all know who she is! She became the inspiration behind Mark She is the inspiration behind Mark Andreev E. Bolay-og  hit voice impersonation in Spaces. The 22-year-old works as a dancer, creative director of League Aces PH, and became an Instagram content creator. Aside from that, he also graduated Engineering from Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute University.

Twitter Space - Ariana

Like Danreb, Mark has started mimicking Ariana’s voice to have fun and bond with his friends. He remained a huge Ariana Grande fan since 2014. He usually sings Ariana’s songs when he goes to karaoke hubs with his friends.

Before Spaces, Mark actually created a Kumu account with his friend’s encouragement to stream. Through this, he showcases his talent that resonates with Ariana’s speaking and singing voice. But, Spaces allowed him to get the appreciation and recognition he truly deserved. He also has created his own room called #TheGrandeRoom. He usually has a mini-space concert and sings Ariana covers. In the future, Mark looks forward to having more engagement with his listeners.

He also hopes Twitter could add a space feature where the listeners can comment, integrate more emojis, and add more speakers within the room. Moreover, Mark said Spaces helped him mentally – especially in this time of the pandemic.

“Mentally spaces is actually a safe space during this trying times. It helped me improve my social interaction with different people of different ages, sexual orientations, and races. It’s like listening to a live podcast of a genuine, kind, unfiltered, and vulnerable mix of people. There’s just that kind of magic that sparks in every healthy and on-the-spot conversation that happens in spaces.” 

Jerwin, Mark, and Darnreb are just a few talent discoveries during this pandemic via Twitter Spaces.

We look forward that this platform becomes the start of a better future for them in the entertainment industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has truly changed many forms of our lifestyle. Technology definitely became one of the many channels that help most of us to cope, to learn new things, and to deal with the ever-changing future. Are you excited about what more features our social networking sites have to offer in the future?

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