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Serenity Meets Commerce: Why Circuit Makati is My Favorite Mall

Serenity Meets Commerce: Why Circuit Makati is My Favorite Mall

In this busy city, some people crave for silence and serenity, while some find comfort in commerce and retail therapy. Well, Circuit Makati offers you both. The dynamic 52-acre riverfront mall by Ayala, located in Barangay Carmona, is a mixture of urban and scenic nature. It’s a hub for different lifestyles and interests, filled with different outdoor amusement areas. If there are some skyscrapers, there are also grass fields, everything is in perfect harmony and balance.

Back when I discovered Circuit during 2018, some establishments were not yet fully open. It was a hidden gem waiting to be the city’s next lifestyle hub. Just a sprint away from our house, I jogged there every morning, and I witnessed the place grow into a beautiful and diverse haven. My fondness roots in different fun reasons. From their parking lot food stalls to their breezy terrace gardens, every space is a touch of comfort. If every individual has a favorite mall, this surely is mine.

To get you in the know, here are some of the reasons why I love Circuit:

It exudes a different kind of outdoor aura

It’s easy for any mall to consider or name itself as an outdoor mall, but most of the time, these establishments don’t really hold up to that classification. Luckily, Circuit is different. It’s an outdoor mall at heart and sight. The area exudes a different kind of outdoor aura that would make you question if it’s really a mall or a park. Perhaps it’s both?

The walkways of Circuit are all open spaces with no air-conditioning, except for the business stalls. At the heart of the Circuit is an alluring pond that stretches along its lane. Among the highlights of the place is the metallic sculpture floating above the pond, by the conceptualist sculptor, Reg Yuson. The place is also filled with plants in different sizes. You can feel the comforting breezes as you walk by and window shop. The ambiance is just so serene and calming.

The place also features terraces and rooftop fields that are perfect for hanging out. Just beside their cinema in the fifth floor, is an open-air field overlooking the skyscrapers of Makati. A picnic in a mall? That’s possible in Circuit.

The are hundreds of amazing architectural features in Circuit. It’s amazing how the overall design of the place achieves a unique and modern display without compromising natural features.

It features a lot of outdoor amenities

If the rooftop field is not your type of location for a picnic, you can also do it in a field or beside a river. Different outdoor spots surround Circuit, but these spots are also still part of the establishment, as a whole. Just beside the mall, they have their events grounds, complete with picnic tables and a meditative view of the Pasig River. They also have their own lanes where you can break a sweat for a jog or biking session.

If you’re feeling so sporty or active, they also have a skating rink, soccer field and fun kart racetrack. City Kart Racing is a 650m karting racetrack where you can feel the thrill of driving in the fast lane. Of course, safety is of utmost importance so helmets and racing suits are available.

It’s a rising spot for the music scene

In Circuit, you can also experience being serenaded, if you haven’t been yet. The place warmly welcomes buskers or performers in their lanes. In fact, busking is a usual scene or culture in Circuit. They release line-ups of buskers for their project #MakatiLive, which features live performances in the mall’s Patio, LG and L4 Roof Deck.

If you want bands and a taste of a little more mainstream ear-hooks, Circuit also have that for you. Social House is a resto-bar just within the place, it offers great variety of delicious food, beers, and cocktails, paired with live performances. The prices can be expensive but the food and the ambiance is great, especially that it has 2 floors, a stage, and a bar. Watch out for their schedules because local bands are definitely fond of this place! They formerly catered events for Mayonnaise, IV of Spades, Gracenote, Clara Benin, and more.

Well, if you’re on a tight budget, Circuit still has a lot to offer in the music department. Their recent Fleet Street Food Bazaar in the parking lot area also features live bands. There’s even an open mic session if you want to own the stage and just jam!

It’s very pet friendly

Because of the open-air system and comfortable outdoor spots, the place has been a famous go-to for walking pets. A visitor’s Circuit-experience is never complete without encountering furry friends. The place is filled with dogs and cats all chilling while their owners are also chilling in the outdoor fronts of the cafes and food stalls. I usually bring my pooch here for a walk, whenever I jog.

There are also a lot of stray cats in the area— the good type that lets you pet them and purrs cutely!

It’s filled with bazaars and different spaces for small businesses

Circuit is also known for their bazaars and small business stalls. Every holiday season, they welcome small businesses to set-up stalls in their Lane for night markets. Sometimes they also hold special bazaars in their events grounds. Their holiday bazaars are considered to be the one of the biggest and hippest in Makati. Last 2020, they also held Curio Market at the lower ground level of their mall. It featured small businesses and displaced merchants in one humble community.

If you dig food stalls, they also recently hosted a place for Fleet Street in their parking grounds. Fleet Street is a food bazaar filled with affordable and delicious foods complete with live bands. Me and my siblings usually hang out here whenever we feel like going for a food trip.

If you’re from the metro, Circuit is just somewhere in the boundary of Manila and Makati. The diverse place is always there to give you fun times or serene moments. Whatever your interests are, there’s a place for you in Circuit!

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