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Ukay-Ukay Bales as a Small Business

Ukay-Ukay Bales as a Small Business

Do you want to start a business but have no idea what to venture into? Well, I got your back. Ukay-ukay is a widespread shopping set up in the Philippines. You can find any boutiques or stalls that sell pre-loved or factory-reject clothes across the country. The best thing about Ukay-ukay is it sells good quality apparel at an affordable price. You only have to be patient in looking for clothes that fit you and your style.

Today, ukay-ukay has reached online platforms. Factory-sealed clothes are now the upgraded version of the famed Filipino thrift store. It is called Ukay-Ukay bales.

Ukay-Ukay version 2.0

By definition, ukay-ukay bales are bundles of imported clothes from other countries. These clothes are of high quality and bundles of branded ones. Each bale has different categories. Some bales have trousers only, there are blazers, jumpsuits, and denim clothes. They also come in various colors – white, black, and colored shirts. This business is where you can find almost all types of clothes at an affordable price.

Everything You Need to Know

Clothes from ukay-ukay bales are not processed yet. Some shirts have small stains. All of them are crinkled to a crumpled state. This is because, in a bundle, there are about 150 to 200 packed garments. These clothes should be taken to the laundry to make them clean and smell good. Other owners, especially those who photograph each clothes for posting, iron them first to make them look presentable.

As regards the prices, you can easily make ukay-ukay bales a business even with a limited budget. An average bale costs as low as 3,500 pesos. It already has simple but good quality clothes. If you have more budget, some bales cost approximately 10,000 pesos. This has jumpsuits, dresses, and other pricier types of clothing.

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Now, here is the exciting part. For a 3,000-peso bale, there are about 200 pieces of clothing. Each item could be sold for 100 to 300 pesos. Let’s say you sold all your clothes for 200 pesos each. You will have a total of forty thousand pesos. That is double the salary of a minimum wage earner.

Ukay-ukay bale emerged as one of the best start-up business ventures for Filipinos. Live-selling videos fill our timeline. “Mine! Mine!” is one of the most common terms used in these videos. Although there are lots of malls, many Filipinos prefer to buy in ukay-ukay since its price is for the masses. Also, it is a way of supporting small local businesses. So, what are you waiting for? Mag ukay-ukay na.

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