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Reddit is a secret haven for great writers

Reddit is a secret haven for great writers

You’ve probably already hard of Reddit, especially the viral creepypastas that circle the internet. It’s probably even all over your TikTok’s For You Page, too. Creepypastas give you the chills and make you look around your dark room at the dead of night every second. But, the thing is, creepastas are fake and admittedly, it’s great storytelling.

Have you asked yourself what made you watch a whole three-minute TikTok video about a murder story originally posted on Reddit? Halfway through the narration, you start getting the goosies. But, your eyes are stuck on screen listening to the AI voice was saying. You never ask yourself why because you feel drawn to the magnificent storytelling that maybe the story is actually real.

That, exactly, is the power of exceptional storytelling that makes Reddit a secret haven of great writers.

Reddit has been around since the dawn of the internet. Founded by a group of roommates at the University of Virginia in 2005. The website has become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. As of 2022, people gather around in specific interests, divided through subreddits. This platform allows its users or so-called Redditors to post anything related to their topic of interest. Then, replies with the most upvotes are displayed at the top of each post.

Redditors sometimes post questions about personal experiences through which fellow users share their own stories or confessions. This is where the great writers show off their storytelling skills. Admit it, social media has greatly affected your attention span in media consumption. You most likely would prefer to watch a TikTok than an entire YouTube video that’s about thirty minutes long.

So, you most likely wouldn’t bother reading a Reddit post that’s like a thousand-word long, would you? But, still, you’d find yourself hooked and lost in absorption of the bewitching story that is presented on your screen. Regardless, if it is a story that makes you uncomfortable.

There are a lot of subreddits where you can find great writers and if you’re a writer yourself, you may want to explore the opportunities that Reddit has in store for you:

Think of it as a place where you can practice and hone your skills. You could even check and analyze the styles of writers you may find amusing. Reddit is boundless. It is a place where anyone can talk about anything – from trivial matters to controversial ones. And, a great writer can make a trivia thing into something beyond interesting. Such subreddits you may want to visit the following:


This subreddit offers you a wide range of interesting stories and confessions. Redditors post random and all kinds of questions with threads bombarded by confessions that are often very interesting. Overall, the subreddit can also be very educational. So, its guaranteed you’d be spending quality time browsing it.

r/nosleep, r/TwoSentenceHorror, r/shortscarystories

For the horror fanatics. These subreddits have some of the best horror stories that will give you the chills in just a few minutes of reading. But just be sure not to dive into these threads when you are just about to sleep because you wouldn’t want to have those nightmares.

r/tifu, r/offmychest

In these subreddits, on the other hand, you will find interesting confessions of all sorts. It can be wholesome confessions, guilty, or even creepy confessions. Most seem to be true stories as well but of course, we’ll never know.

These are some of the largest subreddits you would find in Reddit that have ridiculously interesting content. You will encounter all sorts of story genres, from disturbing ones, wholesome ones, and even funny ones too. But one thing is for sure, there will always be stories that would make you go “wow” after reading it.

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