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K-Pop Domination: Fandoms of Filipino teen celebrities

K-Pop Domination: Fandoms of Filipino teen celebrities

From official light sticks and iconic album versions, being a fan is both overwhelming and immersive. Fandoms have grew bigger, as K-Pop became everyone’s outlet to daily life struggles, we can assure how it is not only for mere consumption but of solace. And with that, it’s turning more and more inclusive, of being enjoyed also even of prominent names in local entertainment.

Some of these Pinoy teen stars have stood the test of time when it comes to stanning. Dedicating all their love for the genre with full-heart, so are to some venturing off the K-Pop rabbit hole, anew. Nevertheless, their fame doesn’t halt their enthusiasm for their favorite bands. Let me share you our resident fangirls and fanboys in the industry:

Fandoms of Filipino teen celebrities

Andrea Brillantes

Yes, Blythe is a proud BLINK! It is undeniable that the actress is a full-blown BLACKPINK stan as she is very vocal of it in her social media. She even one time bleached her hair into JENNIE’s charismatic dust streaks hair in How You Like That. As she shows support for the girl group’s recent comebacks, she conjoins it in balance with her astonishing acting achievements also.

Posing with her Bbyongbong, Andrea is a royalty of a fangirl living every BLINK’s wildest dream: the traction to get their fav’s glance. Glam from the inside-out, she reminds the fandom of the promotions of BORN PINK in her pink outfit. Sure, if you can’t pull your idols, why not their famous fans?

Sharlene San Pedro

We won again, BLINKS! Feels like LISA, JENNIE, JISOO, and ROSÉ are women magnet, aren’t they? Trustworthy of her words even from way back, Sharlene San Pedro proves she never leaves the fandom. Giving every opportunity a take just to dedicate for BLACKPINK.

With her hammerbongs in both hands, she testifies that K-Pop is never a phase! Being some of the OGs of actresses that is part of any fandom, Sharlene deserves to be the president of the celebs supporting the girl band.

From covering title tracks and buying official merch, she is a certified Blinkue! In her recent posts, she is seen to have the Oreo x BLACKPINK collaboration. Guess there’s no need for explaining about Sharlene’s love for the girl group. Expressing love to that extent, it’s a sure thing.

Maverick Legaspi

As girl groups now dominates our list of celebrities and their fandoms, Maverick Legaspi stood out dashing with his charms and cute smile as your main fanboy. He’s a supporter of the group NCT 127 and even spotted attending their Philippine leg for The Link in Manila, last September 04, in SM Mall of Asia Arena. Leaving NCTzen the astonishment as he is never said that he is one.

Honestly, what’s stopping him on auditioning to SM Ent? With visuals just as his, he might have the chance from the get-go. Indeed, likewise his idols, he is also gifted of pretty dimples and the right amount of foundation for the entertainment scene. How lucky are they to have a name like Mavy as a fan, oh, that goes well reciprocated! NCT is lucky having him as their Czennie.

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Miel Pangilinan

Is the carpet ready? Here goes our Queen, Czennies! Miel Pangilinan is our sole NCTzen representative. Not only is she relatable and entertaining online, she is also the embodiment of K-Pop fangirl-mode that everyone’s into.

In her TikTok contents, she is clearly the funniest NCT fan out there. Even on the campaign period for his father, Kiko Pangilinan, she got the chance to receive pocas and other official NCT DREAM merch amidst rally. Attended the Manila stop of NCT and WayV concert tours the past year and posting some of her K-Pop fan dilemmas.

Amplifying the hardships of a die-hard stan like any of us, Miel’s extraordinary journey in loving Korean pop music has now all came into form of nothing but merrymaking and a bit boisterous fruition.

When it comes to stanning K-Pop idols, everyone is on full-swing, even your favorite celebrities! Of course, the chances of them meeting their biases are higher, but who knows? There’s still a long damn line, right?

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