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What your favorite social media app says about you

What your favorite social media app says about you

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Social media has essentially become part of our everyday lives since the dawn of technology. It is now impossible for us to spend a day without indulging in online activities, no matter how busy we are. Our social media consumption summarizes our interests and even broadens them. Most of the time, it is through social media that we find new hobbies or interests that we share with other people. Which is quite literally the very essence of these online media platforms.

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However, depending on our consumption, it may indicate different interests. We may not notice it but what we share and consume on social media tells a lot about us as an individual. Our overall social media presence and participation give out an impression that other people may have of us.

Here’s what your favorite social media app says about you.



This social media app allows its users to share photos and videos so if you’re into Instagram, you may be into aesthetics. You like cute or beautiful things or you are into fashion, beauty, and celebrities. You’re most probably a perfectionist who always thinks twice before posting a selfie on your feed or your story. You are an adventurous and enthusiastic person who always indulges in daily activities. Also, you probably like PowerPoint presentations, on your story highlights, of course. And oh, you’re probably a coffee lover, too!


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The most used social media app by Filipinos. If you’re into Facebook, you’re most probably a Marites who constantly cannot sleep at night, and it’s partially your fault for prioritizing chismis over sleep. You like socializing and interactions and you are probably a funny person, too. You like making people laugh or being their source of happiness. Sometimes you can be a hopeless romantic, I know, that was random just like your occasional hopeless romantic posting. And let me guess, you like cramming your deadlines – oops.


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Twitter is a social media app that lets people post their thoughts publicly or privately. So if you are a Twitter fanatic, you’re probably an introvert, but the type who can’t shut up. There’s always something on your mind that needs to be unleashed or you just go completely feral. You tend to overshare with your online mutuals but you rarely open up to your irls. You have very random interests when it comes to the media you consume. Also, you’re probably a kpop or an anime fan.


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