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INSTAGRAM RAID: YoonA’s Casual Chic Style

INSTAGRAM RAID: YoonA’s Casual Chic Style

Each member of Girls’ Generation has a different fashion style in every show, music video, and even in their daily looks on Instagram. YoonA gives off a princess vibe, but in an effortless way. She usually wears casual-chic outfits, as seen on her social media posts.

IG RAID: YoonA’s Casual Chic Style

YoonA is an all-rounder; an actress, singer, dancer, and model. As a visual of the group—a position invented after her—she needs to be presentable all the time. She has this casual-chic style that mixes sophistication and street outfits.

Stylish Layers

In this photo, YoonA wears a white shirt layered with a suit jacket, denim jeans, and velvet shoes. It is a mix of formal and casual at the same time. To catch the same look, don’t forget the cap and the above-ankle boots.

Model YoonA

Another jacket suit for YoonA. She wears an oversized suit matched with cycling shorts. It is an athleisure style fashion trend from 2020 to 2021, where biker or cycling shorts become a staple. It is also when people go for styles that show sporty and adventurous styles

For Allure, she wears a knitted beanie and high-heels with a ribbon statement. 

Casual Throwback 

In November 2021, during the pandemic, YoonA uploaded two photos as a throwback. She shows a classic look of a matching black top and denim. She had her hair down and a pair of black sunglasses covering her small face. Also, take note of that tuck-in shirt and belt. 

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Chic Neutral

On her New Year’s Eve 2020, YoonA wears a cool shade of yellow for her fitted long sleeves, a brown long winter coat, pants of an almost cream color, and rubber shoes. This outfit screams simplicity and coziness.

Prime Black and White

For MiuMiu SS22, YoonA shows off a series of photos in which she poses with a bag. One of the photos showcased her tall height and long legs without revealing too much skin. She wears a black and white matching outfit. YoonA wears a white button-up crop top, denim jacket, denim pants, and white pointed-toe stilettos. 

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To see more from YoonA, visit her official Instagram account. 

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