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Hope and Perseverance stand stronger with “Panahon ng Paruparo”

Hope and Perseverance stand stronger with “Panahon ng Paruparo”

What those who never believed thought was a short-lived, election-driven thirst for change is continuously proving to be an enduring clamor for hope with the second publication of Para sa Kulay Rosas na Bukas which is authored by hundreds of Filipino creatives.

The Creatives with Leni, in partnership with Novice Magazine, is delighted to announce the publication of Panahon ng Paruparo, the second installment of ‘Para sa Bukas na Kulay Rosas.’

In The Time of Butterflies

Panahon ng Paruparo Cover | Creatives with Leni

This magabook (magazine + book) *in full color* features over 300 pages of artwork, anecdotes, and photos from 182 Filipino contributors! Artist

Denver Balbaboco, an artist, is headlining this issue with his cover art featuring former Vice President Atty. Leni Robredo wears a traditional Filipino garb that exemplifies the spirit of selflessness and service.

It also features the stories of the supporters and echoes the shouts of hope from the volunteers of the Pink Movement that are sure to keep the fire and spirit of volunteerism in us burning.

Moreover, Panahon ng Paruparo is written with grace with the foreword of Raffy Magno, Angat Buhay’s Foundation Executive Director, and the former Vice President as well.

Benefits for the cause

The first volume of the magabook which was published in April and June 2022 has successfully brought about ₱323,900.00 in donations to help with various causes such as the campaign for helping the victims of Typhoon Agaton in Visayas, also for the earthquake victims in Abra, as well as the school children in Nueva Vizcaya, and finally, the causes championed by the Jesse M. Robredo Foundation.

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Panahon ng Paruparo Promotion Material | Creatives with Leni

Funds that will be brought up by pre-ordering the second volume of Para sa Bukas na Kulay Rosas will directly contribute to the causes of the foundation. Additionally, you are eligible to receive *exclusive freebies*. It is just like as if you volunteered.

Panahon ng Paruparo, the 2nd volume of Para sa Bukas na Kulay Rosas is available for pre-ordering here. It costs ₱760.00 that lasts up to November 30, 2022.

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