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Unveiling the Inner Personas: Naked Souls of Filipino Artists

Unveiling the Inner Personas: Naked Souls of Filipino Artists

WRITE. PRAY. LOVE: Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation and Exploration

Have you ever wondered why some people can silently contemplate an artwork for an extended period alone? From the perspective of someone who doesn’t appreciate art, it may seem perplexing how merely looking at an artwork could have any impact. One can delve into the depths of creation, exploring the boundless possibilities of human expression. Delving deep into the realms of imagination and innovation this journey connects us with the essence of humanity, transcending time, culture, and personal experiences. Curators, with their art expertise, also enhance understanding and appreciation by revealing hidden narratives, symbolism, and techniques. This, in turn, fosters a profound connection between the creator and the viewer.

ManilART’23: Celebrating 15 Years of “New Contemporary” Art

ManilART’23, the 15th national art fair, celebrated its 15th anniversary with a “New Contemporary” theme. The art fair features a diverse range of artists and immersive exhibits.

Notable Artistic Attractions

Notable attractions also include Ramon Orlina‘s art cars, the Champagne Fountain, and glass sculptures by Marge Organo and Raisa Luz. Ombok Villamor‘s sculptures at OMVI Art Gallery showcase the dynamic energy and beauty of aquatic life in Samar, Philippines. Ali Alejandro‘s AADA uses digital art, projections, and augmented reality to create illusions of reality on an LED screen. Artes Orientes also showcases Macoy Coching‘s vibrant abstractions and Ram Mallari, Jr.’s steampunk works. Bogie Ruiz‘s “Neo-Makapil in Blue Croc” delivers acerbic social commentary.

The Debut of Krishnamurti’s Rebellious Punk Series and Marko Bello’s Rising Recognition

In the back center of the hall, two members of ArtVII and featured artists of Galerie Artes also presented boundary-pushing art at the art fair. Moreover, Krishnamurti’s rebellious punk series makes its official art scene debut, offering a dramatic sensory experience. On the other hand, Marko Bello persists in gaining recognition for his captivating and lifelike strokes.

Dr. Renato Cheng: A Master of Impressionism and Expressionism

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Furthermore, Dr. Renato Cheng, a personal favorite, showcases his passion for Impressionism and Expressionism at Nami Art Gallery, with his masterpieces earning renown for their optical illusions.

Exploring Art with Manila Art Fair Director Gab Loste

Manila Art Fair Director Gab Loste also guided me through the halls. At every turn, I applauded the Manila Art Team for presenting a diverse array of artists. Notably, the art fair also highlighted works by figurative realist Romulo Galicano. He created a masterpiece for his Climate Change series. Moreover, artists from various galleries, including Espacio Manila, RDS Gallery, Entre Blanc, and Daloy Likha, exhibited their incredible talents at the event.

Capturing Essence and Leaving Lasting Impressions

Each piece engages the audience with its remarkable ability to breathe life into individuals through intricate details on canvas, sculptures, and graphics. The portraitists skillfully capture the essence of their subjects, leaving a lasting impression on both participants and special visitors. Hence, I am confident that next year’s art fair will be just as emotionally stirring as this year’s, ultimately making the experience worthwhile.

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  • The essence of the art fair is brilliantly captured in this article, which vividly conveys what it was like to delve into a world of expression and creativity. The reader is completely transported to the diverse and vibrant art scene by the descriptive language.

  • This captured the essence of each artist’s work even in brief moments, and conveying it in such a compelling manner is truly remarkable. Additionally, the vivid descriptions of the immersive exhibits transport readers into the world of the art fair, igniting a sense of curiosity and excitement to experience it firsthand. I will definitely check out the Manila Art Fair next year.

  • This article effectively portrays the art fair through her own direction, showcasing ones deep appreciation for art and their ability to effectively communicate this passion to the reader.

  • What a lovely piece of writing! It not only informs people about the art fair, but it also inspires a deeper love of the world of art. The author’s storytelling and ability to connect with the reader’s emotions are truly exceptional.

  • I have been to the gallery and factory of Ramon Orlina at Tagaytay a few years back. Im not even surprised that his own kids are also following his successful footsteps. After all, who will soon manage the empire but his own heir.

  • Indeed the Orlina Fountain was one experience for the books. Did you know why it was called Ledesma Champagne Fountain? Because that fountain was commissioned and actually made for the wedding of Ledesma- De Rossi Nuptial.

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