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A beginner’s guide on reading comics

A beginner’s guide on reading comics

Comics is a magazine that always presents visual pictures that tells a story, typically about superheroes or people with superhuman abilities. We’ve had comics around for a very long time. You can see them in newspapers, social media platforms, books, etc. From foreign to local, comics have a wide range of genres and audiences.

We all have our own favorite superhero or character we would like to know the lore more about, or a tv adaptation or genre we would like to enter reading. However, we all ask the question, how do I start getting into comic books?

Well, it may intimidate you at first. You might think that there have been so many issues released already. Starting to read comics is not as difficult as it may seem. Here is a simple yet informative guide for you to start getting into comic books.

A beginner’s guide on reading comics

What Do I Like?

When you hear the word “comics,” superheroes are probably the first thing that springs to mind. Well, that is not the only genre comic books entertain. They also have different ones like comedy, science-fiction, horror, etc. Really, you are only limited to your curiosity in exploring the genres. After you have established your genre, it is then up to you to find a comic to start yourself into leading to the next theme.

No Issue #1, No Problem

Yup, you read that one right. You can start with any issue you like. As we all know, comics have different issues, depending on how long the story is going to run or if it is a limited series.

The best thing of course is to start with the first issue to know a glimpse of the introduction of the story. But, any other chapter can suffice this as well. First and foremost, the first chapter is difficult to locate.

If you want a physical copy of the comic because it has typically been released far too long ago. Unless, of course, the comic line you want to start is only a recent print.

Well, it may be hard for you to start in issue number seventy-six but you can always ask Google for help on where the story begins. All you need to understand is the plot of how the story will go and enjoy the ride of reading.

In addition, there are multiple story arcs in a single comic book line that can be published in mid-issues. If you have a problem finding the first issue, then find an issue that starts a story arc. It will not reduce the experience for you as long as reading it is enjoyable for you.


Remember when I said old physical copies are hard to find? Yeah, comics adapt to the new trends of the digital world. You can buy physically and through online means. Though the experience may be different based on each and everyone’s opinion, this just made comics more accessible to people.

Of course, some people like physical copies of comics because they may deem them to have a sentimental value or can be resold at a good price, but others think about comfortability when finding and reading comics.

However, one downside of online comic book reading is that not every chapter or comic line can be seen. For example, like those from the 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. you get the picture. If you are into more modern comics then yeah, online can be an option for you to read them.

See Also

Check out your local comic book shop

Visiting a local comic book store is a refreshing feeling to experience. You get to smell the scent of printed new arrivals, as well as old books waiting to be bought and loved again. It would be good to occasionally get to experience this. You get to socialize with others, ask for their advice, have fun, etc. You can learn a lot about the comic book community and get into comics this way.

Friends and family

Of course, another way to get into comics is by asking your friends or family. They may sometimes have comics stocked in their collection. If so, then ask if you can borrow some of them and help them guide your curiosity in it. I am sure that they would like to influence another person to join them in their hobby and collections.

Take advantage of Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day. This is like the Christmas of comic books because you get to get free comics for the day. I cannot think of another perfect day to introduce yourself to the medium. Every first Saturday of every May is deemed as Free Comic Book Day, it is an event where collectors gather or wait in line in their local comic book shop to take and read stories that they would like to read.

Of course, the only free comics are the ones being spread around because comic book companies actually print physical copies of these free comics with fresh stories to promote a one-shot or an upcoming series they are going to publish.

What are you waiting for? Visit the nearest comic book shop if there is one, but if not, don’t worry; the internet is your friend. While you’re there, check out some digital comics.

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