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POV: You’re on a date with Girls’ Generation members

POV: You’re on a date with Girls’ Generation members

Girls’ Generation is composed of all-rounder women. Each member has a unique personality, and they are all ideal for their fans.

POV: You’re on a date with Girls’ Generation members

Have you ever imagined seeing Girls’ Generation members in person? Or having a date with them—this doesn’t automatically mean you’re wishing to be in a romantic relationship with them. We can picture ourselves as their best friends! Here’s a thread of different POVs as a date with each member.


Among the ladies, YoonA is the most suitable for the “Shikshin” title. It would be the best date with her if you treated her to a meal or took her on a food trip. In this photo, she’s cutely looking at the camera while holding a spoon and coffee. She had her hair down and looked gorgeous with her simple makeup and casual outfit. 


Usually, Taeyeon stays inside her home and rests with her dogs, makes cute bracelets, or plays online games. Our leader slash paper doll goes on a trip too! You could invite her to go overseas with you and visit picture-perfect destinations. She’s the best subject to capture photographs of.


What’s an ideal date for Sooyoung? Maybe food trips like with YoonA’s? She also loves food, and lately, on her Instagram, she loves posing and taking photographs. It’s not easy to decide on a date with our Savage Queen since she takes on every adventure and enjoys time outdoors with her loved ones. The summer vibe matches her personality, and taking her outside in warm weather is the first choice. 


Our unpredictable Dancing Queen loves sports as much as Yuri. They often go on a golf dates, and I think Hyoyeon enjoys going out and trying new things more than checking out new movies in the cinema. You can take her on active dates. If you want it to be low-key and not take too much energy, she likes to take her dogs for a walk outside. Also, she’s currently on a diet; hit the gym with her!


Sunny, who behaves like a cat in her home, loves going for educational and productive things. It feels refreshing to see her going out—or to see posts that she’s going out. She’s honest and amusing in a way that you would immediately feel comfortable with her. Imagine a date with her: she likes interacting with and taking care of children and animals.

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The Eyesmile Queen is ideal for a photo date. She was born extra and has a strong personality like a leader. Another date idea for her is going on a simple food trip since she also loves food. Like Sooyoung, she’s up for any event, but what she prefers the most is the memories of unforgettable topics that you would share with her while on a date.


The youngest member is always polite and kind. She loves to spend her time on valuable things and experiences. In this photo, she’s looking cool with her black leather jacket and sunglasses; she posed like she’s driving. An ideal date to go on with her is probably a museum date or a road trip like this one. She loves to know more about random things, which makes her talkative side come out. 


If I were asked to name who’s the most adventurous and sporty member of the Girls’ Generation, I would confidently answer that it’s Yuri. She loves to wear athletic outfits and enjoys going out for physical activities that benefit her body. An ideal date to go on with her is hiking, playing sports, or swimming.

Girls’ Generation members are Queens not just because of their talents, but also because of their variety of skills and unique personalities that stand out in every room. Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation!

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