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Queens Playlist: Girls’ Generation Songs For Queen Vibes

Queens Playlist: Girls’ Generation Songs For Queen Vibes

Photo From: Girls’ Generation

The Queens are back with tracks!

To pay homage to the “Queens of KPOP”, here is a top 10 playlist of the Girls’ Generation songs that will make you feel like a queen who rules your life and the world! What a great way to reign your day, right?

Dubbed as The Nation’s Girl Group of South Korea, SNSD or Girls’ Generation never disappoints with their song releases and comebacks. Now, they are back with another legendary album FOREVER 1, their seventh full-length album. Filled with tracks you can add to your playlists. What’s even more legendary is that these girls made a comeback on their 15th anniversary. Yes, you have heard that right. Well, queen things! 

GG Tracks to Add To Your Playlist

10. Dancing Queen

This retro-inspired GG song proved that queens can wear whatever they please—colorful jeans or just simple white t-shirts. They also rule the dance floor. Dancing Queen is indeed a great song to dance to, start your mornings, and feel beautiful and sexy at the same time. A song that will help boost your energy for another packed schedule so you can walk the walk or should we say, dance the dance.

9. The Boys

This song screams “confidence”, period. Girls’ Generation really says “bring the boys out” because girls can be confident, hotter, better, and braver too. If you are feeling low, The Boys will surely get that confidence in you on another level. This is probably one of the most women-empowering GG songs ever. What are you waiting for? Listen to this song now and you will surely feel the heat!

8. Run Devil Run

If you ever catch a devil, you will run for sure. But, that’s not the case for the Girls’ Generation because in Run Devil Run they make the devil run for its dear life. So if you are feeling afraid of your inner demons, GG will help you push them away. This song will make you sing, dance, and tell all the bad boys to better run. We don’t need bad vibes, we need girls that give us queen vibes. We also need a healthy and fit body so we better go for that run as we listen to this bomb on our playlist.

7. Twinkle

Okay, Girls’ Generation really says twinkle. This song will make you feel pretty, shiny, and confident. Perhaps, listening to it should be the first step in your beauty routine. Twinkle is an upbeat song that will help you feel appreciated as you put yourself at the center of self-love. This song may be about capturing a boy’s attention but it never fails to appreciate one’s worth. Listening to this song will make you twinkle as you sparkle up to catch everyone’s attention with your beauty and confidence.

6. I Got a Boy

This catchy and upbeat GG song will surely make you dance like a real dancing queen. With its amazing music, it will boost your pride because you have got the boy of your dreams. Who doesn’t want to finally be with the person that they truly deserve, right? I Got a Boy really served us with visuals, music, dance, and lyrics. The girls also teach us that vulnerability in love is beautiful and brave. So, have you already got your boy? No worries, just put this on your playlist and enjoy!

5. Catch Me If You Can

Another GG song that will make you want to hit the dance floor. Catch Me If You Can wants you to take your time and find your heart. Be brave and embrace changes. It, however, wants us to challenge others to catch up with the sudden newness that we are experiencing. Maybe, the girls want us to be more playful and take risks in life. The least that we want is a boring life, right? Queens are bold and risk-takers. So, we better listen to this song and hit the volume up.

4. You Think

Everyone hates a bad boy and a doomed relationship. Don’t waste your time because bad boys ain’t cool. You Think is another bop GG song that every queen should listen to. This song teaches us that the real cool people are the ones who know how to stand up for themselves. Cool people know what they truly deserve. Girls’ Generation is not only the “Queens of KPOP” but also the “Queen of Boldness”. Aren’t they the most savage queens? Don’t you think?

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3. Lil’ Touch

Once again, the “Queens of Confidence” are back! In Lil’ Touch, the girls teach us to assert what we want and go for it. Girls’ Generation proved, again, that girls can decide what they want and pursue it. This song is perfect for those who doubt themselves. It will surely give them the motivation that they need. Sometimes we need a little push to put us on the right track and go for the goal. Like a lil’ touch.

2. Villain

One of the amazing tracks from their latest album, Villain is proof that GG is still busy killing it in the music scene. This song is almost a message to the fans that the girls are still thriving and a warning to the haters that they get bolder even if they try to wound them with words. This only proved that the girls are like queens that are capable of loving their people and fighting to secure their crowns. There is no denying that the Girls’ Generation is like the fearless villains of the music industry that persist to exist.


Being the frontier of their seventh full-length album, FOREVER 1 is not only a refreshing song but also a legendary comeback for Girls’ Generation who is still running and kicking the KPOP music industry for 15 years now. The girls truly embody their song title as they continue to share their passion for performing and producing sincere music. There is no denying that girls still have talents, beauty, music, and purpose. 

Girls’ Generation truly served us with music, visuals, and performances. They are indeed one of the foundations of the KPOP industry. Without them, the KPOP scene that we know now will be non-existent. Maybe, our playlists too. Our queens truly signed, sealed, and delivered. So, what are you waiting for? Go play that playlist now and turn the volume up for the legendary queen vibes moment that you deserve.

Girls’ Generation debuted 15 years ago but they still perform exceptionally. Seems like they’re not stopping and the girls will stay forever one in our hearts, and playlists.

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