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Is Jessica Jung’s novel ‘SHINE’ the answer behind SNSD’s 9/30 incident?

Is Jessica Jung’s novel ‘SHINE’ the answer behind SNSD’s 9/30 incident?

If you happen to read this article, you might be one of those avid fans of K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation/SNSD who still can’t move on over the 9/30 — or the kicking-out incident in 2014. Although it’s been a long time since Jessica Jung’s departure from SNSD, everything seems to be just an issue of yesterday in the K-pop industry.

For some Sones (their fandom name), who have been supporting the nine girls since their debut in 2007, it’s really hard to accept the frustrating incident despite the fact that they are now successful in their own careers. While Jessica released her statement claiming she was kicked out by her co-members, no one from the eight girls has even tried the guts to share or discuss what really happened almost six years ago.

However, we could still see today how successful the girls are due to their solo projects, particularly Jessica who has successfully launched her fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare. In fact, she is set to publish her first novel entitled “Shine.”



The young-adult novel marks the debut of Jessica as an author and is the first of her two-book deal with Simon Pulse. Based on Jessica’s personal experience as a K-pop star, the story follows a Korean-American girl “Rachel” who was recruited to be part of a nine-girl group under a big Korean entertainment label.

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In fact, the book-development company Glasstown Entertainment has already sold the book in different countries. Well, 2020 is indeed a big year for Jessica as a writer since the creators of To All The Boys I Loved Before are also working with her to turn her work into a big screen.

To tease you,  Entertainment Weekly just published an excerpt from the book. The excerpt begins with Rachel’s girl group being interviewed after topping the music chart. Read the excerpt below:

“You girls must be thrilled!” The interviewer is a middle-aged man with oily, slicked-back hair and fair skin. He might have been handsome if his garish hot-pink satin tie and red shirt combo weren’t so distracting. He leans forward eagerly, his eyes gleaming at the nine girls seated before him, a sea of perfectly tousled beach waves and unblemished faces glowing from years of skin-brightening face masks, choreographed down to the angle of our sleekly crossed legs and the descending order of our pastel rainbow-hued stilettos. “Hitting No. 1 at all the music shows, and with your debut music video no less! You’re one chart away from an All-Kill! How do you feel?”

Though it is purely fiction, fans couldn’t help but interpret this as somehow connected to her life before SNSD. Perhaps, the book will be some sort of tea to all fans who’ve been waiting to spill the truth on her career.

Fans’ speculation

K-pop fans are indeed the master of theories when it comes to their idols. Of course, SONES and Golden Stars couldn’t do but speculate that Jessica would really reveal everything about the nine girls including the Darkside of K-pop industry.

Read their comments below:




We all know that Jessica’s departure from the Nation’s Girl Group still remains controversial and mystery in K-pop. For some fans, the book might be a platform for the ice princess to dig thoroughly the truth more than her statement before.

And since the eight girls remain silent over the incident, perhaps, this might also be the way for them to explain their sides on behalf of Jessica (only if both sides are really doing good, we hope so).

By the look of things, it seems like Jessica became braver to tell her story through her book. Meanwhile, fans are getting excited that she would be able to voice out her side story.

The question is will “Shine” give us an answer to our unanswered questions? Well, we can only know the truth by fully reading the book. The novel is now available for preorders in Amazon.

Sones, what’s your thought on this? Share your insights in the comment section.

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