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Historical K-drama Fans support GMA’s “Maria Clara at Ibarra”

Historical K-drama Fans support GMA’s “Maria Clara at Ibarra”

Historical K-dramas fans have embraced and supported the new GMA historical Drama “Maria Clara at Ibarra”.

Barbie Forteza, Julie Ann San Jose, and Dennis Trillo star in the Philippine television drama fantasy “Maria Clara at Ibarra,” which premiered on the GMA Network on October 3, 2022. This television show centers on the life of Klay Infantes, portrayed by Barbie Forteza, a Gen Z nursing student who is transported into the settings of Dr. Jose Rizal’s well-known novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

In the drama, Klay soon encounters Crisostomo Ibarra, Dennis Trillo’s character. He was a Filipino mestizo who studied in Europe for seven years before moving back to the Philippines. Julie Ann San Jose, who portrays Maria Clara, the stereotypically conservative Filipina woman, stands among the other two. She was Kapitan Tiago’s daughter and Ibarra’s fiancée.

The cast of the drama includes Tirso Cruz III, Manilyn Reynes, Juan Rodrigo, Rocco Nacino, David Licauco, Juancho Trivino, Ces Quesada, Dennis Padilla, Lou Veloso, Gilleth Sandico, Karenina Haniel, and Andrea Torres.

The network has already given its viewers a taste of success with this list of outstanding actors. “Maria Clara and Ibarra” received unwavering love and support from viewers right away, including those who appreciate historical Korean dramas.

Historical K-drama Fans’ Comments

Recently, the page Saranghaeyo Oppa shared a picture of the main characters from “Maria Clara At Ibarra”. The admin captioned “Not Kdrama related but we love this kind of genre. More Philippine Historical Dramas to come pls”.

The followers of the Page then left comments supporting the admin’s viewpoints.

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Photos taken from GMA Drama on Facebook / Comments from Saranghaeyo Oppa’s Post
Photos taken from GMA Drama on Facebook / Comments from Saranghaeyo Oppa’s Post

“This kind of genre is what I always watch on Kdramas…”
“The best talaga ang GMA pagdating sa historical drama…”

“Iconic line ni Klay “NOLI YARN?…”
“Mr.Queen, Scarlet Heart, Love Beyond Time ang peg.”

“On point lahat ng dialogue, acting, location, plot, at cinematography nila which is a big level up sa PH media…”

These are just a few of the positive comments that the recently released drama has gotten. This demonstrates the Filipinos’ interest in our own and other countries’ history. It has been difficult for Filipinos to preserve not only the historical sites in the Philippines but also our values and cultural identity. Historical Dramas like this one illustrates how strongly we desire to maintain awareness of the past that mirrors the present times. Philippine History is not just a piece of gossip, it is what helps us understand the events we have today.

Let us all travel in the world of our National Hero’s novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Learn the history and understand current events with Barbie Forteza, Dennis Trillo, Julie Ann San Jose, and the other star-studded cast.

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