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Why I stan Red Velvet and How Important It Is To Choose Your K-pop Idol

Why I stan Red Velvet and How Important It Is To Choose Your K-pop Idol

K-pop idols are talented, good–looking, and even have pleasing personalities. Whatever they do, their fans just can’t get enough of them. But is choosing your idol really that big of a deal? I say, YES. It shows who you support and the behavior you appreciate and tolerate.

Many idols from the first to the fourth generation are worth admiring. But if I had to choose one, it would definitely be Red Velvet

Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a K-pop girl group with five members – Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri. They are under SM Entertainment, which houses other legendary groups such as SNSD (Girls’ Generation), Super Junior, f(x), EXO, and aespa.

They were formed in 2014 and are currently in its 7th year in the industry. Throughout their career, they have released various hits such as Psycho (2019), Red Flavor (2017), and Peek-a-boo (2017).

Instagram | @redvelvet.smtown

Why I admire them as an artist

They love their craft. They try their best to become the artist they want themselves to be. As they release their music, they try their best to be involved with the work given to them. (refer to the melody project with Henry)

Not only that they give good music that makes you dance on your best days, but they also create songs that would fit your gloomy mood. Talk about the versatility of the group! No wonder they are called the “Queens of Concepts.”

Why I admire them as a person

K-pop idols are not only there to perform their songs. They also hold a massive platform from which they can influence their fans. Either to make them better or to make them worst.

Individually, Red Velvet members have their own charms that inspire people to work harder and improve.


Her firmness and focus. As she’s the leader of the group, she is expected to be firm with her decisions about herself and the group. She must stay grounded as the group relies on her. She thinks that if she breaks, the group will also fall altogether. This made her stand tall and remain reserved for the group’s interest.

Instagram | @renebaebae


Her perseverance to be better. On one show, she once gave a piece of advice to students who are learning how to dance well. She shared with them what she had in mind whenever she trains. “Even though I’m not good today, I might get better tomorrow if I practice one more hour.” With 7 years of training before being part of the group, she went through many slumps along the way. Yet, she managed to develop day by day that even after her debut, she continues to improve.

Instagram | @hi_sseulgi


Her kind heart and selflessness. She is always appreciated by many fans and idols alike due to her kind nature and generosity to other people. For one, I remember her saying that when she wants to eat, there might be other people who want to eat too. In this way, she would always ask others for things they wanted. In addition to that, she excels in school before becoming an idol. That inspires many to do better too.

Instagram | @todayis_wendy


Being family oriented and outspoken. It was revealed that Joy was the one financing the education of her younger siblings. She also makes sure to give them allowances and keeps them away from the limelight to protect their privacy. Other than that, she remains outspoken and calls out wrong behavior whenever she notices something wrong.

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Instagram | @_imyour_joy


Her strong will at a young age. She started training during her elementary days and could only debut after 4 years. With that, she suffered from many criticisms at such a young age. Regardless, she remained passionate. In her self–composed song ‘Dear Diary’, the message served as a comfort song for her 20-year-old self, saying that it’s okay to rest and not be too anxious.

Instagram | @yerimiese

I personally like this song as this sounded more of a reassurance when adulthood starts to kick you in the gut. Wendy’s ‘Like Water’ and ‘When This Rain Stops’ are also on my list of comforting songs.   

How important it is to choose your K-pop idol

The rise of the K-pop craze became more prevalent at this time of the pandemic. Many have turned to K-pop and K-dramas as their safe haven during these trying times. But, it is also important to choose the K-pop idol we admire.

For one, there are instances when our behavior reflects the idols we follow. It would be better to choose those that would make us better than we were yesterday. It would be better to choose the one that tells us to be better and shows it through their actions as well. Walk the talk!

Although, just because we idolize them, that does not mean that we should tolerate any bad behavior. They are still humans too that must be able to learn from their mistakes.

How about you? Which K-pop group do you proudly stan?

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