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Nostalgic Computer Games that Shaped our Childhood

Nostalgic Computer Games that Shaped our Childhood

Nostalgic Computer Games

It is pretty clear that when we were younger, we tended to play computer games first before doing our assignments. Well, some of us even rent computers on internet cafes or computer shops as what we call them. We had a wide range of games to choose from and we even argued with our friends about which we were going to play first. On occasions when it is a rainy no school day, we would still play these games while we’re drinking our own hot drink. These games truly shaped our childhood, honed our critical thinking, and even brought out our strategic skills. 

Remembering them really brings the feeling of nostalgia. So let us take a trip down memory lane.

Bartender: The Right Mix

Nostalgic Computer Games

The first computer game on the list is Bartender: The Right Mix. In this game, we became bartenders like Miguel. We all tried to mix drinks differently in order to get the perfect cocktail and see Miguel praising the drink. The more complex the drink, the higher chance that it would gain more points. But do note that on some mix, it would tend to explode because of some ingredient. There’s no denying that we were the culprit behind Miguel the bartender being an angel.

Purble Place

Nostalgic Computer Games

Who wouldn’t forget this game? When we were kids, this was our go-to game when our mobile broadband wouldn’t work. But hey, it’s not like we have no other choice because we have no internet connection. This cutesy mix and match computer game is our go-to whenever we want to feel entertained.

Pet Society

Nostalgic Computer Games

Up to this day, you can easily find someone who played this game when they were younger. This game could let us customize our own pets, its own room, and in addition, we can interact online. But in an announcement in April 2013, the developer company Playfish said that they are shutting the game down. This led to a massive disappointment from players and fans as they have invested time and money in the game. Oh imagine a world where pet society is still up there for us to play on our computers.

Penguin Diner

This game follows Penny the Penguin as she became a waitress in order to gain money to get back to Antartica. It helped us plan strategically on how to serve customers without anyone being angry for becoming impatient. Also, us waiting for tips brings us excitement as it means that we can buy accessories for Penny.

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MyScene Room Makeover

When it comes to room makeovers, we were truly professionals back then. MyScene had a wide range of games to offer but this one was our ultimate favorite. It let us decorate a room from scratch and into a glamorous one. It’s up to us if we want it for a party, a sleepover, or our own bedroom. Seeing Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, and Nolee in a computer game truly occupied a phase of our childhood.

Did we miss out on your favorite childhood game? Let us know which.

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