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Unlock a core memory and reminisce about your old favorite video games!

Unlock a core memory and reminisce about your old favorite video games!

Before Valorant, Call of Duty, Mobile Legends, Genshin Impact, and many more – 80s and 90s (even 00s) kids already had unlocked their inner “gamer” phase by playing these popular video games! You might have read a post on the internet saying “Kung naabutan mo ‘to, mag-asawa ka na!” and it will give you a flashback to the memories that you had related to the post.

It might be your favorite TV show, fashion trends, or snacks during the old times. This may remind you that you have already been through a lot and the things that you loved became just a fleeting memory of yours. It can also be applied to the old video games that you enjoyed when you were younger with your friends, and siblings, or even when you were alone.

So, let me unlock a core memory of yours as we reminisce about old video games that you might have enjoyed before:

Super Mario Bros!

Do you remember those afternoons when you sit excitedly and wait for your video game console to load your first game? If you want to feel that again, there’s a video game that would certainly induce some sort of nostalgia. Say hello to Super Mario Bros

Mario is a classic game with a history that stretches back to 1981 when the character of Mario first appeared in another famous game, Donkey Kong. Since then, Nintendo has created a number of games specifically for Mario because he has grown to become quite popular.

Super Mario Bros | Nintendo

This is the most well-known game in the entire franchise. In the game, you may also play as Mario’s brother, Luigi, if you’d like a change. Well, who does not feel delighted whenever Mario slides down from the flagpole for every level that you clear? Definitely not me because I used to clap out of joy back then!

Donkey Kong

The next one on this list is something that we had already mentioned earlier – Donkey Kong. The video game represented a significant breakthrough in the gaming industry since it was the first success for Nintendo. It even became the highest-grossing arcade game of 1981 and 1982, respectively.

This game was quite challenging but we loved it as we were asked in the first part of the game the question: How high can you get? I’d say — let’s find out! In this game, you play the role of Mario. Donkey Kong, who kidnapped your loved one, is your archenemy. And, it’s up to you to save your one true love who was originally named Lady but later renamed Pauline. But, of course, it won’t be so simple.

Donkey Kong | Nintendo

Donkey Kong will hurl tank barrels in your path and you must hop over or dodge them. You must climb up the ladder while exercising caution to avoid falling. Let’s go to the top for success—and love, since we are doing this for Mario’s significant other. That’s so romantic!


Of course, as kids, we didn’t stop by playing just two games. This next video game is a classic and memorable game that became very addictive very quickly – Pac-Man! You play the role of Pac-Man itself who must eat all the large flashing dots with its large mouth. Meanwhile, you also have to use your controllers to dodge the ghosts that are on their way to eliminating you.

A little trivia for Pac-Man enjoyers! Did you know that each ghost has a personality? The red ghost Blinky will chase Pac-Man around with the utmost energy. Pinky, obviously the pink ghost, aims to ambush Pac-Man. The cyan ghost Inky will occasionally act in a similar manner to that of the other three ghosts.

And, lastly, the orange ghost known as Clyde will pursue Pac-Man the same way that Blinky does. Until it is within striking distance before vanishing into another area of the maze. Are you curious if the personalities are accurate? Then, let’s go ahead and play Pac-Man to see! 

Street Fighter

While waiting for your next game to load, don’t forget to condition your knuckles and release the inner martial artist hidden in you with Street Fighter! Released in 1987, you portray the role of Ryu who takes on a mission to visit five countries —Japan, the USA, England, China, and Thailand.

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IMDB | Street Fighter

You have to defeat two opponents in each of them. If you succeed in eliminating them all, you reach the last boss, Sagat (who also appears in the sequel as the one before the last boss). You win the game if you can defeat the Sagat. Additionally, its sequel gained more recognition, maybe as a result of the graphics improvements.


Moving forward, you might still remember your parents shouting somewhere from the house and telling you to stop playing. Or, your childhood friends are already at your doorway calling you to play outside. But, still, you insisted on playing your next video game – Bomberman or alternatively Dynablaster or Atomic Punk.

Personally, this became my favorite as it felt more enjoyable to play with friends or siblings. The overall objective of the entire series revolves around completing the levels and carefully planting explosives. This aims to eliminate enemies and destroy obstacles or barricades. Exploding bombs have the power to detonate other bombs, harm or kill opponents, and break obstacles.

And, when it comes to enjoying it with company, you can play this video game in Multiplayer Mode where other Bombermen act as opponents. Wherein, the winner is the last one standing. Do you still remember the banter, the cries, the shouting, and the playful hitting while playing this game? Quite fun, right?

I know, I know that you still want to play.

But your parents or guardians have already turned off your video game console or family computer saying “that’s enough games for today.” As you stood up and proceeded on another activity, you were excited for tomorrow as you knew that your video games would still be waiting for you. Those days were indeed amazing, and they deserve a good spot in our treasured memories.

But, if you can still play your favorite old and classic video game as if you were younger, what would it be and why? 

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