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Five Cozy Mobile Games You Should Have

Five Cozy Mobile Games You Should Have

Relax with these five free cozy mobile games when life gets fast-paced. Playing is not just for kids. If the arcade is not your cup of tea, heal your inner child with these chill decorating, farming, and cooking games.

1. PantasyTown

Who would not love to manage a village full of hard-working pandas? PantasyTown is a panda simulation game lets the players build their own bakery, hot spring, farm, tailor shop, workshop, leasing apartments, and different street stands. 

You can increase your sales in the bakery by learning different bread recipes. Players can upgrade the facilities and upskill the pandas. The game lets you attract tourists to the town with exciting stories. Villagers are characters who live permanently on the island.

Channel your inner fashionista as you can dress up your character with adorable pastel-colored clothing. The best thing about this is you can change the look for free! Hairstyles vary from short curled bangs to chestnut braids. 

You can enjoy this game without interruptions since advertisement placements are not intrusive. They are optional, and watching them doubles your money or rewards you. Mellow music plays in the background as the pandas roam around the village. 

However, the game needs an internet connection to bring you into their world. It offers early access to players in Google Play Store.

2. Resortopia

Wishing you’re in a sunny resort right now instead of the bustling city? Resortopia offers that escape! Create your dream resort and help Udon turn the rundown tavern into a cute place for your guests.

Players can DIY the style of their spa, restaurant, movie theater, and different rooms. They can mix and match the design with European-centric theater or Japanese-themed rooms. I like how the game lets you position each piece of furniture and decoration in the different rooms. 

To gain more check-ins, tapping passersby will attract them to visit your resort. You can also take commissions from guests and fulfill their requests. New game updates add personalization of Udon’s room and the opening of a garden spot. 

Similar to PantasyTown, ads are also optional and offer rewards for watching them. However, an internet connection is needed to load the gameplay. 

3. Tsuki Odyssey

A bunny named Tsuki decided to return to his hometown to lead a peaceful life fishing and harvesting carrots. But on his return, he found out his tree house had fallen into the hands of a burglar. 

With nothing left, players must help Tsuki rebuild his life and reconnect with his old friends. Thankfully, Tsuki received a punch card that would be awarded random furniture by the end of the week. Planting carrots, fishing, and selling things are Tsuki’s world’s primary sources of money.

Players can navigate the town through Tsuki’s smartphone. On the map, you can visit his friends Chi and Moca. Yori’s store is your one-stop shop. He sells furniture, food, and decorations that you can use for Tsuki’s home or farm. Items refresh at the store every few hours. 

As you play along, certain spots like a hardware store, bar, restaurant, and flower shop will open. Just like us, Tsuki has his own Instagram! You can see social updates from his friends, and he also posts on his own.

“It is important to note that Tsuki is not your pet, but a free spirit who will move and interact with the world as they please,” the developer HyperBeard said.

4. Adorable Home

From the same creators of Tsuki’s Odyssey, Adorable Home lets you play the role of a stay-at-home mom or dad. The game is fueled by love. The more hearts you get, the more you can buy things for your house.

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This game is also every cat lover’s dream, as you have to feed, bathe, and pet your adorable fur babies. Similarly, you must be a doting partner who prepares bento boxes for your lover. I enjoy shopping for these bento boxes as they offer decent dish choices. 

As the game progresses, players can unlock different rooms such as the nursery, kitchen, garden, bathroom, and the couple’s bedroom. I appreciate how the game diversifies the character’s appearance and their choice of partner. 

 I hope the characters can have their own wardrobe to spice up their appearance in the future. Adorable Home is a passive adventure and requires minimal attention.

5. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Have you wondered what it feels like to own a Pizzeria? Unleash your entrepreneurial-minded persona to satisfy your customer’s pizza request. As the owner, you have to fulfill pizza orders and keep the business running.

The game lets you converse with over 100 customers and their pizza preferences. After days of playing, you can unlock different toppings and upgrade the equipment to level up your customer service. 

Fun fact, the developer TapBlaze shared that one of the game’s creators used to work for a pizza shop for four years. It seems like we’re getting an intimate real-life experience.

Playing cozy games is a good stress reliever. If you’re interested in other games, read more here.

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