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Challenges in RPDR that the Philippine franchise could adapt

Challenges in RPDR that the Philippine franchise could adapt

RPDR DRPH Challenges

The second season of Drag Race Philippines is already underway and fans are already excited for it. Some have their guesses on the challenges, while some are suggesting what they want to see in the competition. But there are still challenges from the main franchise that DRPH has still not done.

With this, here are some of the challenges from RPDR that the Philippine franchise could give its own twist to:

Mini Challenges

When it comes to mini challenges, the first season has already adapted some of the iconic ones from the main franchise. From the reading up to the Darna photoshoot, the queens have shown what they are capable of. But there are still more that the production could do their own version of.

Barangay Parlor Games

RPDR DRPH Challenges

While we saw the Palo Sebo in the first season, there are still many Barangayan games they could do. This includes relay races such as calamansi, sack, or paper. It may also be the smashing of palayok, or it may even be the iconic bring me. This would be really campy to see but hey, it’s nice to see them adapt these local games.


RPDR DRPH Challenges

Next on the list is Photobombing, they could put a twist on it by using images from local popular culture moments. This could contain red carpets namely the Star Magic Ball, FAMAS, MMFF, or even viral internet sensations.

Maxi Challenges

On maxi challenges, we could not wait to see DRPH do other types of competition in which they still haven’t done in the first season.

Acting Challenge

When it comes to the Acting Challenge, the next roster of queens could adapt this by doing their own telenovela. They could be campy by referencing peak television shows such as The Legal Wife, Pangako Sa ‘Yo, or even Encantadia. This could help them channel their inner Bella Flores, Jean Garcia, and Cherie Gil.

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Cheerleading Challenge

Though this would be risky as seen on RPDR Season 9, it’ll be fun to see as a maxi challenge. The DRPH queens could do this one in a unique way that the local audiences would relate to more. Well we know how Filipinos love cheerdance competitions.

Roasting Challenge

RPDR DRPH Challenges

In this challenge, the queens will have their own spotlight on roasting one of the judges in the panel, it may even be the main host itself. So, who wouldn’t want to see an episode dedicated to roasting and reading Mamwa Pao?

As it was announced, the second season of Drag Race Philippines will premiere this year. Here’s to hoping that the challenges we want to see would be included.

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