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SEA Games 2023: Francis Libiran designs “Araw” for Team PH

SEA Games 2023: Francis Libiran designs “Araw” for Team PH

The Barong Pilipino is the official national dress of the Philippines. It is a symbol of Philippine heritage and nationalism. Once again, world-class Filipino fashion icon Francis Libiran designed a Barong named Araw. Showing liberty, peace, and valor, our great Filipino athletes set to wear the Araw Barong Pilipino. They will wear the official opening ceremonies of the 32nd Southeast Asian Games. Phnom Penh in Cambodia will become the location of the SEA Games 2023.

SEA Games 2023: Francis Libiran designs “Araw” for Team PH

The Francis Libiran Araw is made out of Philippine jusi fabric with embroidery using fine threads and materials. Featuring the art of the Philippine flag, there are blue hues overlapping a small bed of red. The focal point of the entire Barong Tagalog revolves around the intricately embroidered sun or araw. Its rays stretch over the sash and collar. 

In 2019, the Philippine Sports Commission appointed Francis Libiran to design the official parade uniforms for more than 2,000 athletes and officials at the 30th SEA Games held in the Philippines. He created the iconic Flag barong for the event, which received critical acclaim.

In 2022, they also commissioned Francis Libiran to become the official designer for the parade uniforms of Team Philippines at the 31st SEA Games held in Hanoi, Vietnam. He created the Agila barong which featured intricate art deco embroidery of the Philippine eagle.

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Filipino competitors will wear the Francis Libiran Araw Barong Tagalog, representing the Philippines in the 32nd SEA Games, showing off liberty, peace, and valor. According to his interview with Philstar Life, the Araw Barong Tagalog “epitomizes the Team Philippines who will represent us, the Filipinos, and the country itself.”

The Philippine delegation to the 2023 Southeast Asian Games compose of 814 athletes in all sports. The team intends to participate in all thirty-eight sports with hundreds of athletes. The Games would include Football, Volleyball, and Weightlifting for both Men’s and Women’s tournaments among others. 

Last year, Francis Libiran also became the official designer for the parade of uniforms of Team Philippines. This time, the 31st SEA Games was held in Hanoi, Vietnam. He created the Agila barong with intricate embroidery and an art deco Philippine eagle.

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