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Four Meaningful Gifts For Your Friends

Four Meaningful Gifts For Your Friends

Your friend’s birthday is getting nearer or maybe, they’re graduating soon. You realize you need a gift for them and you feel like a new shirt from their favorite brand just won’t cut it. It’s normal that we want our presents to mean something to our loved ones. We want to give them a meaningful gift to carry that connection and love we have with them. We want these gifts to be as meaningful as possible. So, fret not.

Here are some ideas for meaningful gifts for your friends:

A Spotify Playlist

One thing about playlists is that they are sweet. You can just compile the songs you and your friend danced to, cried to, and shouted the lyrics to. It could be songs that remind you of them or it could be telling a story of your friendship.

If you want to get a little more complicated with your message. You can leave behind little clues for your friend. Attach a note that says, “Look at the first word of every song!”

Music has always remained one of the most meaningful things we have come across. It contains our stories, our feelings, and our memories. So, what better way to gift your friend these things through shared songs?

“Open This When…!” Letters

If you’re the type to write long heartfelt letters, maybe this can work for you. It could be a jar, a box, or just a multitude of envelopes (if you have them). Inside are your categorized letters with a little note of instructions, of course. There are various ways you can do this such as by color, by emotion or feeling, or by the significant dates of your friendships.

“Open this when you’re happy!”

“Read the blue papers when you’re feeling down!”

“Today is June 13! Read this to remember what happened that day.”

Wax poetic about your time together, make them laugh, and immortalize your memories on paper. It’s a gift with its contents meant only for their heart. 

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Scented Candles

Did you know that scents can prompt memories? You’ve probably experienced a moment where you smelled a particular cologne and stopped. It made you remember a person from your childhood who used to have that scent. Or do you know how the earthy smell when it rains makes you somehow nostalgic? 

You have a thousand memories with your friends. It’s a surety that many of those can be triggered by a scent. That means if your friends need to rest after such a hard day, they would need something happy to help them. Scented candles are meant to help them remember that good times are the perfect gift. 

Scrapbook Gift

Very common? It’s not that unique for a gift, they say. Wrong. Scrapbooks are done with effort and love. It carries the photos, notes, stories that you’ve shared over the years with your friends. There are some things in there that you might not even remember or that you’re aware of. There could be words that your friends have never said out loud to you but are written on the pages. 

We always want to say something through our gifts, don’t we? If there are too many, you can make a scrapbook. There is no limit there. 

Don’t be afraid to show your friends how much you care. They would be the last people to judge you for that. You also don’t have to look very far to find your gifts for them. They’re already probably within your grasp. You just have to materialize the meaningful times you’ve had with them.

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