Friendship: Quality over Quantity

In friendship, the quality of friends you have matters the most rather than the quantity. Having few but real and solid ones would be the greatest asset and one of the biggest flex you can have. I realize how important these things are when I grow older. I thought it didn’t matter as long as everything went well between you. Yet, in the long run, you will understand things if you decided to choose what’s best for you.

Friendship: Quality over Quantity

Indeed, no man is an island. Our friends became and will always be part of our lives. We were able to learn, discover and explore through them. Sometimes, its better when you have someone to lean on., someone you can talk, laugh at, cry, and love more.


However, not all these people are real. You have to know who’s there for you, not only in your victories but also in your downfalls. Know someone who will choose you even if you have or don’t have something to offer. And, of course, those who will never leave you nor forsake you. There will be a circle of friends who’s best for you, a kind of friendship we all wanted.

My perceptions and realizations

1. We grow together.

We, humans, are bound to grow. So are friendships. Things would be different when you all pursue your careers, yet it will not change your relationship with them. I can feel their heart-warming support and respect for each other. I can also feel that there is room for growth.

2. I feel accepted and appreciated.

True friends will never leave nor exclude you when it comes to gatherings or events. Even though I only have a few, I don’t ever feel alone when I am with them. In spite of the fact that they know you won’t be available sometimes, they still invite you. It’s always the thought that counts.

3. Genuine people.

When you are in the right circle of friends, they are genuine in front and behind your back. No lies, no pretentious, even envious friend in your peer, just real and honest ones. I would love to have that than settle with the big but toxic circles.

Choose your friends wisely.

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