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As a sentimental partner, what gifts you can give to your significant other?

As a sentimental partner, what gifts you can give to your significant other?

For a little bit of background, I’ve been in a long-time heterosexual relationship with my partner for six years now. And, even then, I still get clueless about what to get him during our special days. However, he has always been on point when getting me gifts. Over the years, I have accumulated an entire Harry Potter collection from his gifts alone. It makes me feel so bad when I give him crappy gifts when he would give me a special one.

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So, as a sentimental partner, what gifts can we give to your significant other?

Writing this article is important to me because I wish someone did the same thing when I was struggling to find one for my partner. Although I’m not good at giving him gifts, let me give you a few examples of what he had given me during the past six years.

Reasons Why I Love You

During one of our anniversaries, he gave me a small jar and filled it with little pieces of colored paper. He wrote a hundred reasons why he loves me in the paper. He gave it to me during one of the times I felt so low about myself. He told me that I could read some of it whenever I feel down.

Honestly, this remained one of the most special gifts I have ever received from him. It made me feel special and loved. And, for someone who has both words of affirmation and physical touch as love languages, it made me feel assured. The gift assured me that he loves me and I will forever treasure this jar.

Reasons Why I Love You | A gift to Angela Baltan from Arvin Morales

Care Package

Weirdly enough, this was the gift that I was so proud to give him. At the time, he had long hair and he didn’t know how to properly take care of it. So, I gave him a care package for his hair. I gave him shampoo, conditioner, serum, and some more stuff to properly take care of his care. Of course, you can change it for care packages for your partner. It may be a skincare package or something else. You can change it to fit what your partner needs.

Starter Pack

Somewhat similar to the care package, this starter pack can begin something that your partner really wants to have. My boyfriend gave me a Harry Potter collection starter pack that definitely continued my obsession with the series. He gave me a few Funko Pops of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Professor McGonagall, and one of my least favorite characters – Severus Snape. My partner redeemed himself when he gave me a Funkos of Fred and George. Aside from that, he had also given me wands (one of Hermione’s and one custom one), books, and so much more.

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For your partner, you can give them a starter pack that would revolve around what they love. You can give them a starter pack of makeup, skincare, art supplies, and others. You can also give them a starter pack of how to create their favorite coffee in the comfort of their home. Of course, this could include a french press, a bag of beans, a mug, flavored syrups, and reusable straws among others. It’s up to you if you know them well enough to give them what they love.

Harry Potter Starter Pack | A gift to Angela Baltan from Arvin Morales

Music Box

There are so many music boxes available in online shops. My sentimental partner gave me a music box that would play the Harry Potter theme song when I roll the latch. As for your partner, you can gift them a music box of their favorite song or a song that would remind you guys about your relationship together.

Music Box | A gift to Angela Baltan from Arvin Morales

Spotify Playlist

Somewhat similar to the music box, this Spotify playlist can remind you about your relationship. I made the same thing for my partner and named the playlist, for arvin. It was a series of songs that reminds me of him and the six years we’ve had together. It has also been a dream of mine to slow dance to these songs – maybe at our wedding or during a slow night at our future home.

for arvin” | A Spotify Playlist from Angela Baltan for Arvin Morales

Giving gifts is so hard. But, when you give a heartfelt gift, it’s going to be as special as it can get. It could be as simple as mobile game points or battle passes. It’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

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