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Lyrics From Midnights That Would Make a Great IG Caption

Lyrics From Midnights That Would Make a Great IG Caption

Sometimes, thinking of what to caption your Instagram photo is harder than choosing the photo itself. We are no longer in the era where we’d use quotes like “Live, Laugh, Love” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. We’ve discovered that at times, song lyrics can be more relatable and personal. Remember when everybody is captioning their pictures with “Thank U, Next” from Ariana Grande’s 2018 single. Such a sassy approach to break-up!

As you know, Taylor Swift (The Music Industry) gifted us with her 10th Studio Album, Midnights last month. Just like in her past masterpieces, this one showcased Taylor’s absolute mastery of her craft and unbeatable lyricism. It’s so easy to get lost in her storytelling so we’ve compiled for you some lyrics from this incredible body of work that would make a great IG caption. You better choose now what pics to post next!

All of me changed like midnight – Midnight Rain

Whether you are referring to a past relationship or not, you may use this line from “Midnight Rain” to hint at a fresh start. Well, it doesn’t have to be that deep so if you simply want to have it for pictures taken at night, go ahead!

Pierced through the heart but never killed – Anti-Hero

Photo from: @franchescaraind on Instagram

You might have seen several posts captioned with “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.” Can’t blame them as it is the most catchy part of “Anti-Hero” but if you’d like to explore more of it, another great line is “Pierced through the heart but never killed.” Aren’t we all hurt terribly but still manage to stay alive?

I’m unglued, thanks to you Snow On The Beach

Photo from: @jmtrxtzn on Instagram

According to Taylor, “Snow on the Beach” featuring Lana Del Rey is about the surreal feeling of falling in love with someone who feels the same way. However, this particular line doesn’t represent the entirety of the song. The Britannica Dictionary describes the word unglued as becoming extremely upset or angry. In case you wanted to take a swipe at someone who made you feel this way, this is your chance, care of Miss Americana.

I can still make the whole place shimmer – Bejeweled

Photo from: @deannoying_ on Instagram

If you are not gonna hype yourself up then who will? “Bejeweled” is about realizing one’s self-worth upon being taken for granted. Whether you’ve gone through this scenario or not, this line is a good boost for your confidence. Get that extra-looking photo of you uploaded and let them know you lit up the whole place.

Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge – Vigilante Shit

Photo from: @allysanhel on Instagram

This probably needs no explanation. Flaunt your OOTD and make it obvious you’re dressed to kill. Remember, you don’t need an enemy to do that! But in case you have one, just like Taylor, “don’t get sad, get even.”

Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend – Karma

Photo from: @cessdy on Instagram

With her 11th track “Karma”, we’ve seen a different take on this word which we often associate with something negative. In this song, Taylor repeatedly used Karma to describe something great known about her life. I guess we can now call our weekend getaways karma. Is it now interchangeable with the word reward? If she says so, I’m definitely not complaining.

Wait, there’s more!

Meet me at midnight – Lavender Haze

Weird, but fuckin’ beautiful – Snow On The Beach

I picked the petals, he loves me not – You’re On Your Own, Kid

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They say looks can kill and I might try – Vigilante Shit

This scene feels like what I once saw on a screen – Snow On The Beach

A diamond’s gotta shine – Bejeweled

By now, we cannot argue that Taylor is the greatest singer-songwriter of this generation. She’s one of those who first introduced us to the different faces of love and heartaches. When we needed it the most, she was there to console our souls through Folklore and Evermore. She became a constant person in our lives and I don’t think we can ever get enough.

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