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Swifties will have more than 13 sleepless nights

Swifties will have more than 13 sleepless nights

Swifties had been theorizing whether Speak Now or 1989 would be the next Taylor’s Version album. It kept on trending on Twitter. Of course, fans looked for possible hints to figure out the next plans for Taylor Swift. But once again, Miss Blondie one-upped her fans for surprising news of her brand new album.

During the historic win at the 2022 VMAs last Sunday (8 PM EST), Taylor Swift dropped the announcement and said to meet her at midnight. The music icon did release further details on the upcoming album entitled Midnights in the middle of the night. The album would be about the 13 sleepless nights throughout Swift’s life.

But indeed, Swifties will have more than that while waiting until October! Read more to see the reasons why:

Wake the Swifties up when September ends.

First of all, shout out to Green Day for their timeless song. But Swifties have been wishing to speed up the days until it reaches October 21st, the release of Midnights. The days in between would ‘cause sleepless nights for the fans as the adrenaline and excitement prolonged until Taylor Swift’s comeback. 

It keeps them awake full of thoughts about what the new album would sound like. Some say it may be for people who love mirrorball, Forever Winter, and The Archer. However, Swift loves to explore different types of music— from country music, and pop, to indie. Miss Tay delivered that!

The Unknown Easter Egg

Taylor Swift, known for her fondness for cryptic messages, already hinted the Midnights last May. When the trailer for The Summer I Turned Pretty dropped last May 6 (PHT), Swift reposted it on her Instagram as it used Taylor’s version of This Love.

As seen in the caption, Miss Blondie seemed to emphasize the midnight in the last sentence, yet, it got overlooked by the fans. Swifties are now going back into this post and are still shocked by the turnout of the events. At that time, the fans thought 1989 (Taylor’s version) would be up next after the re-recordings of Red. Thus, they keep on looking for Miss Tay’s past postings to decode some possible easter egg!

She’s a Promo Queen

Swifties are amazed at the start of promotions of Midnights on Spotify. But nothing new there because Taylor Swift is a Promo Queen!

The fans, streaming the tracks of the Lover album up to Red (Taylor’s version) on Spotify since the videos changed into a clock while flashing lyrics from her own songs that have “midnight” or anything “night” on them! Another sleepless night for Swifties for being mindblown with this! 

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Significance of Midnights

It is not a secret that Taylor Swift has a penchant for adding lyrics like midnight, middle of the night, or even a specific time like 2 AM in her songs. Some notable examples are Style, The Way I Loved You, and You Belong With Me. From that, Swifties know that these times, it has deep meaning to the artist. 

Thus, it wonders the fans if, in the upcoming album, Taylor would reveal the significance of midnight through her new songs. Swifties may not sleep a wink thinking about this!

The Grand Question of All

With the surprising appearance of Taylor Swift at the 2022 VMAs, she made an iconic entrance with her silver-jeweled mini dress. She even dropped the news of a new album at the event. However, Swifties noticed some important things behind the announcement of Swift, which were either a coincidence or intentional.

Her outfit at the 2022 VMAs seemed to look like the one she wore on the bathtub scene of Look What You Made Me Do M/V— a song about the feud she got involved with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at the 2009 VMAs.

It even had a similar vibe to the silver dress she wore during that 2009 event. What makes it more controversial is that the Midnights album will be released on October 21st, the birthday of Kardashian. Swifties will definitely be using a lot more of their creative minds in this coming era!

Swifties got no chill with the upcoming comeback of the musical genius. But, we can’t blame them, since we will also meet you at midnight, Taylor!

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