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Quotes from Female Characters that Molded my Womanhood

Quotes from Female Characters that Molded my Womanhood

Superman, Batman, Iron Man, and Thor. Children grew up idolizing these superheroes. They would even use their famous lines and quotes as their life motto whenever they have to fill up a friend’s slambook.  And then there is me. 

Unlike other kids, I grew up watching all kinds of movies and reading borrowed YA fiction books from my high school library. Most of them feature a girl or a woman who embodies the person that I aspire to become one day. Because of this, I like to think that these literary quotable quotes from female characters molded my womanhood. 

Aibileen Clark and Her Assuring Mantra

The first time I ever watched Viola Davis act is when I illegally downloaded The Help (2011) from Torrent. Disclaimer: I do not do this anymore. Viola’s acting skills did not just astound me, but her Aibileen Clark’s warmth and wise personality also taught me important words that I brought with me as I make my way to early adulthood.  

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Hermione Granger and her Sensible Priorities

Spoken by the brightest witch of our age! This quote is one of the closest to my heart. Being a dorky bookworm back in high school, reading this has really improved my social skills. This taught me how to take risks and be a little bit unreserved when it comes to allowing more people in my inner walls.

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Jo March and Her “Women-Can” Litany

Of course, I would not write an article that does not mention at least one quote from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women (2019). This particular quote from Jo March perfectly encapsulated our desire to escape certain expectations held against us. It describes how women are bigger and more capable than their roles in matrimony and motherhood. Being able to know this at a young age gave me the realization that as a woman, my options will never be limited as long as I remember this quote. 

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Rachel Green and Her On-Point Talkback

This particular quote from Rachel just made sense when I started to become aware of my body as a woman. Biologically, we are built for pain. We bleed each month, we struggle with emotions because of our hormones, we bear children, and we go through menopause. Aside from this, we also suffer from manmade problems such as discrimination, violence, and sexism. So when I heard this again after so many years as I rewatched FRIENDS (1994) when I started college, I just found myself snapping my fingers. 

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Leslie Knope and Her Heartfelt Speech

Another quote that resonated with me was from a very quirky and intense woman. As women, we are often shamed for having deep and strong emotions. So when Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope delivered this speech in an episode of Parks and Recreation (2009), it felt right at home with me. In this quote, she was able to explain the reasons why women are loud, fierce, and bold when it comes to things that actually matter. This became my validation for when people would tell me that I am being too much. More importantly, this is what drives me to stand up for what I believe in. 

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Sansa Stark and her Empowering Metamorphosis

If Eibileen’s quote was my mantra, this, I wanted to be my life’s story (literal meaning aside). If some of you are not familiar with Sansa’s plot, she was once a damsel in distress that ended up becoming a compassionate and intelligent queen in the northern region of Game of Thrones(2011) Westeros. This certain quote depicts my constant change as a woman. It serves as a promise that, no matter how messy and hard life is, I will always rise from it anew and solidified. 

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Eowyn and her Badass One-liner

Need I say more? Of course, this is on the list! Despite all the flowery words and figurative language, this quote alone molded my womanhood. Knowing and experiencing my becoming as a woman has been the most fulfilling thing that ever happened to me. So, Eowyn, thank you so much for this battle cry. 

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These are just some of the countless quotes that contributed to my journey as a woman. Do you have any other that I could add to my list? 

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