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Life in Music: Franz Rojas’ Art of Musical Storytelling

Life in Music: Franz Rojas’ Art of Musical Storytelling

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Art is a form of self-expression guided by creativity and passion. And for Franz Rojas and his art of musical storytelling, his works aim to represent life, even mundane for some, is beautiful and vibrant.

Amongst the stars, there are undiscovered artists with promising potential and talent.

Francis Jhan Rojas, now known as ‘Franz Rojas,’ is a proud Bicolano, born and raised in Catanduanes. Currently, he is studying at Far Eastern University while pursuing his dream to be a successful artist.

Join me as we take a trip through Franz’s musical journey.

How it all started…

Young Francis has always dreamt of being a TV personality. At first, he wanted to be an actor. But he discovered later on that his passion lies in something else- music.

He started writing his songs back in high school and singing about his woes and emotions. Performing in school was the first step. Then, he gets invited to perform in cafes and restaurants.

Finally, people recognized him, receiving invitations from popular events like the FILSCAP Songwriter’s Night. He had been invited five times to perform in Its Showtime until recently.

Image: FILSCAP Songwriter’s Night in Makati

His inspiration

The first song he ever wrote, ‘Papatawad,’ is a breakup song asking their lover’s forgiveness. He started writing songs that resonated with his and other people’s experiences from then on.

When I go out every day, I take note of everything I see. And then as soon as I get home, I write everything down. The lyrics of my songs are about the people, the places, and their stories.

Franz is a big fan of fantastic singers/songwriters in the music industry. Particularly. Mr. Gary Valenciano. What inspires him the most is not their popularity but their outstanding skills in singing and songwriting.

His creative process

His love for music lured him into learning to play musical instruments. The guitar, the piano, the drums– name it, and he can play it. First, he writes the lyrics and then experiments on the beats.

Writing the lyrics is as easy as creating beats for them, he says.

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I don’t know how and why, but kusa na lang sila lumalabas. The lyrics, the beats, the tones. everything.

His message to all who dream, just like him

The pursuit of your dreams is a ride full of ups and downs, rough and smooth roads. People will support you while some will try to drag you down. It is all a matter of using the bad things thrown at you as a crown instead of a knife to stab your heart.

When people listen to my songs. I want them to be inspired. They can be like me. Kung kaya ko, kaya niyo rin.

Image: Franz Rojas performing inside the Wish 107.5 Bus

I won’t lie, I’ve heard negative things thrown at me. It hurt me, sure, but I used it as inspiration to do better. Never give up on your dreams. Be positive. Talents are given to you by God to be used in inspiring others.

Follow Franz Rojas in his Instagram account. You can check out his songs on his official Youtube channel and Spotify.

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