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Through the lens of Artsie Otic


Through the lens of Artsie Otic

Through the lens of Artsie Otic, is a reality expressed through photography. His dreamy finish and realistic vibe in the photography show his technical and effective way of telling a story.

Truly, the Philippines has the most talented and brilliant artists in the field of art. Let’s not miss our rising creatives in the field of photography.

Archibald Otic or also known as “Artsie Otic” is a resident of Cotabato City. He is currently working in the government and is a freelance photographer. Let’s take a look at his lens and discover him.

The passion

Artisie is one of the rising photographers locally and he expresses his creativity using photography that represents deeper and unspoken words making him unparalleled.

Through the lens of Artsie Otic

Photography is my passion. I love doing Creative Photography and it also became an additional source of income. I’ve always looked up to different photographers from different places and they have inspired me to capture images that tell a story. Something unique about me?

I do believe that everyone is unique in their own ways. For me, the way I express my thoughts and emotions through my passion is what makes me unique. Photographs represent my unspoken words.

The discovery

Not having any knowledge in photography did not become a hindrance for him to give it a try in expressing his emotions. Moreover, he learned his technique and his own space by the number of collaborations he did with models, clients, and local events.

Through the lens of Artsie Otic

A first, I had no idea what photography is or how it works. I used to paint images that represent how I feel. Until one day, my mom bought me a camera and it became a new medium for me to express how I feel about things or people. I had an old friend who introduced me to a photographer that introduced me to the world of Photography. He taught me the basics and in the long run, I’ve discovered my own style and techniques and applied them to the collaboration shoots I did with models and a few other clients and that was how I discovered my flare in photography. otions.

The Process of Conceptualization

For Artsie, he uses more of his emotions or feeling towards the things he wanted to do and that is when ideas are naturally sprouting. He uses that chance to create and express!

When you’re an artist, you have these moments where you feel things that you want to express and that is when you come out with ideas for the type of photoshoots you want to do. That is my conceptualization process.

Our Creativity Is Our Responsibility

Developing a sense of creativity is by looking at your shadows and challenging your work for you to be the best.


To develop one’s sense of creativity, be who you are and always bear in mind that you are doing this to inspire others, and if you want to be the best in what you do. Always remember that you are your critic in creating your art. Confidence and self-trust are also the key factors of becoming a great artist.

Challenges along the way in developing your own aesthetic and overcoming it

In the beginning, while I was still finding my own aesthetic, I tried different styles but it felt lacking. I wasn’t satisfied with what I used to do until I realized that the answer was within myself. My approach became more expressive and creative in the long run. There were also times where I’ve lost interest or gotten into a slump but again, I’ve found my answer. My emotions, whether happy or sad, can express them through my photography.

Greatest satisfactions and disaffection

Artsie’s satisfaction is by ensuring that the message through his images is clear.

The part of my craft that satisfies me most is when my clients are able to get the message, I want to relay through the photographs I take and when my clients are happy with the results.

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However, he handles disaffection with such ease.

During the editing process, artists like me encounter problems like not getting the right color, shade, etc.- that leads to a little bit of frustration. When I have these moments, I take a quick break to look at something that relaxes my eyes, clear my mind, and after that I go back and that is when I’m able to conceptualize better.

Words to remember in taking the field of photography

My message to someone who wants to become a photographer, doing your best is more important than being the best. Don’t aim for being the best photographe—be an inspiring photographer.

Message to fellow creatives

To my fellow creators, do not limit yourselves to what you’re comfortable with. Always be open to exploring new ideas, trying out something new and thinking outside the box because we all have this potential within ourselves to be great artists.

ARTSIE OTIC, what the world should know!

Archie Otic, as a creative person in general, is someone whose creativity comes from within. I capture images that paint a picture of how I feel or images that depicts messages that I want to relay to the audience. People say, “magaling ka’ng photographer.”, yet my response is, “No, hindi ako magaling dahil ng taong magaling hindi open to learn an I am always willing to learn.”

He defined the meaning of photography through his lens that transcended the true meaning of creativity. Artsie Otic, the pride of Cotabato City.

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