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Jose Mari Chan is the Santa Claus of the Philippines

Jose Mari Chan is the Santa Claus of the Philippines

The rearmost time we celebrated Christmas essence is already etched back for several years. Many souls and loved ones have recently left the holiday table. But, one person still comes down the chimney, even as early as September. Singing, dazzling, and making the streets scream for his song. It’s Jose Mari Chan, our version of Santa Claus in the Philippines.

Ever since the pandemic wreaked havoc under the roofs of our homes, we still found hope to look forward to this season. And, even if sometimes we could not reunite, our stars aligned on Christmas Eve. This is a very important moment for all Filipinos. And, alongside this, the music of Jose Mari Chan became our holiday language, where people of all ages magically reconnect with one another.

Jose Mari Chan is the Santa Claus of the Philippines

The sled of Jose Mari Chan riding in music

Legend says Saint Nicholas, the honest Santa Claus, was born in 280 A.D. He has inspired children and adults to believe in Christmas magic by being kind to everyone. Jose Mari Chan does not share the same outfit. However, his music and kindness have made us smile at some point in our lives.

Nowadays, people have forgotten to grin from ear to ear and truly laugh once again. The world has changed in just a few years. But, one moment lights up the houses of all people in this world. Whether you have a different belief, everyone shares this season of holidays as a joyous embodiment of the spirit of Christmas.

And, now the season of yuletide carols has come, and our Santa Claus, Jose Mari Chan, has once again blasted social media and the streets. Indeed, he has been an icon during the Ber months. He walks his way down that narrow chimney to remind us that our most memorable event has finally come. As a result, when his music was finally played, no one could ever stop a weeping world from smiling.

For years, Jose Mari Chan came into our lives during those triumphant days. The Santa Claus who sings with all his heart brings light into people’s darkest nights. This even allows those walking down the street to sense the Lord’s presence. Although he does not place a gift under our Christmas trees, his classical rhythm is remembered by Filipinos and our families that are far away from us.

YouTube | Bernadette Sembrano

The present wrapped by Santa Claus for all the Filipinos

Everyone, even foreigners who have stepped foot in the Philippines, spoke about how amazing and early the Christmas spirit is felt in the Philippines. Filipinos are some of the toughest people on the planet because they have to deal with different disasters and life struggles every year. Even though luck wasn’t meant for the beautiful Juan Dela Cruz nation, they found hope during jubilant days.

Since Christianity has donned the hearts of Juans, gifts slowly unravel during the Ber months. This gift may not be a material aspect but it symbols a warm embrace for the families and friends. So, the music of our Philippine version of Santa Claus lights up that present in the hope to bring joy to all.

Meanwhile, Mr. Joe, as people close to Jose Mari Chan’s calls know, has been a musical inspiration for everyone. People have known him and his work for OPM for a long time because of his excellent musicality and impact during the holidays. Thus, what Jose Mari Chan always speaks about is that he is not Mr. Christmas but only Jesus himself.

Filipinos indeed love this icon, and the Philippine artist himself hasn’t tried to hide how popular he is. Unduly, Pinoys even outside the country have embraced his success through numerous concerts abroad. In such a way, Mr. Joe has always been fond of his fans. He shares a conversation or a picture for two.

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Moreover, our version of Santa Claus called his songs his sons. He always believed that stardom was a blessing and that when you take care of your craft as a father. It will eventually flourish, just like how he patiently fought for his family. And, his love for music will give him a dusk of starlight someday.

YouTube | ABS-CBN News

The true magic of Jose Mari Chan

Furthermore, as the voice of the singer has not only entered our ears but also our hearts, the meaning of the lyrics has changed throughout the years. His music has become so ingrained in our souls that we play it at Christmas parties and celebrations. Simply because Jose Mari Chan wants people to remember that even if we might not have the best gathering. We still should learn to value the little things.

In my childhood years, his songs were the anthem of Christmas days. That I myself would step forward with my little limbs and finally hold hands with others to be able to carol during the night time. Voiced through singing Jose Mari Chan’s melody, it definitely ricocheted in mine and all the others to showcase my love for Jesus.

On top of everything, the lyrics and song Christmas in Our Hearts will forever be remembered. This is because of the magic of this artist. It simply makes it able to lead us back again to the most important lesson in life. That we should believe that things will soon be better as long as we continue to uplift ourselves and one another.

YouTube | Universal Records Philippines

Life has no rewind and replays. We’ll never be quite as strong nor as young as this again. Make them last, make these moments last right now.

– Jose Mari Chan

And, as Christmas nears, even if we are alone, we should look forward to this day. We should rekindle the love we received and continue to be generous and a representation of Santa Claus to the people around us. Just like Mr. Joe, Jose Mari Chan shared love through his rhythm and cadence, which will eventually resonate in the playlist of our lives forever. If you want to read more articles like this, click here.

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