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Eco-Friendly Instagram Finds for Christmas Gift Ideas

Eco-Friendly Instagram Finds for Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, yet again and gift-giving is just around the corner. It is the time we can show our thanks to the people special to us. But what we must also not forget is to thank Mother Nature for the air we breathe and the land we live in. Going green is more accessible now. The green community is continuously expanding to promote sustainability by offering sustainable alternatives for common necessities.

Most brand packaging uses a lot of plastic materials that are later on discarded by consumers with no alternative use. Further aggravating the issue in solid waste management. By using eco-friendly products, we may help reduce plastic waste as these brands advocate for zero-waste products.

So, if you still don’t know what to give your loved ones for Christmas, don’t worry because I got you. Not only will you make your loved ones feel appreciated but you’ll also be able to help save Mother Nature.

Here are Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Ideas you may find on Instagram.

  • Akkula Vegan Lip Balm

This amazing brand sells lip balms made entirely of plants and packaging without the need of plastic. The balms are available in four different flavors: mint, vanilla, lemon, and hemp which may also come tinted. They are also organic, paraben-free, and infused with vitamin E. And of course, the packaging is cute and ideal for gift-giving.

Its packaging, which is completely compostable and contains plantable seeds, is what makes it unique. You can bury the entire tube in the soil after use and expect some life to sprout out of it eventually. This eco-friendly product is perfect for your titas, ates, your bff, and even your boyfriend, I mean everyone deserves some good hydration on the lips, right?

  • Sip Burrito Reusable Straw and Bamboo Cutlery Set

Sip PH is a local brand that aims to reduce solid waste by offering people sustainable alternatives to their daily necessities. Sip’s Burrito set contains all your cutlery needs for everyday use. Best for students and workaholics who mostly eat out.

This cutlery set is 100% sustainable because the wrap is made of the canvas while the cutleries are made of metal and bamboo. It is quite an investment because you will definitely use this a lot. The best thing is you can gift this to anyone, so if you are running out of ideas, this might be a great option for you.

  • Bath Essentials by The Little Green Home PH

Bath essentials are intimate gift ideas for your loved ones and this brand offers you a range of sustainable products. The Little Green Home PH sells shampoo and conditioner bars, face and body bars, hair care products, and balms among others. They also come in different variations you can choose from. Their natural components make their products ideal for all skin types.

You can browse their Instagram to check all the products they offer that you think would best suit the needs of your chosen loved one!

See Also

  • Zero-waste Concealer by Habitat

Eco-friendly makeup, perfect for your kikay kumares! This concealer is made of certified organic moisturizing and protective plant oils such as Malunggay, Apricot Kernel, and Camellia seed oils. The product is lightweight and will keep the skin hydrated. It has a light to sheer coverage, perfect for the every day no makeup make up look! It also fits all skin types but is best for dry to normal skin types. Comes in 5 shades, and this concealer is available at

  • Body Care Essentials by The Eco Shift

Just like The Little Green Home PH, The Eco Shift is a sustainable brand on a mission to help change the world one bar at a time. They have a range of body care and skin care products that are 100% plastic free and made of natural ingredients. They have body butter, primer, shampoo and conditioner bars, toners, natural deodorant, exfoliating scrub, body bars, etc. Their products may be good for those who have sensitive skin. So if you know a friend or a family member struggling with skin problems, this might just be their holy grail.

  • Scented Candles by Wick it! Candles

Not your typical scented candle. These sustainable candles are sold in retro enamel cups, perfect for reuse. You can either clean it for tea, use it as storage for your trinkets, or refill it with candles. A wonderful present for those who enjoy curling up with a book to read while the rain pours outside. Scented candles have also been proven to reduce stress. Wick it offers a selection of scents so you have a lot to choose from! They have holiday special scents, too!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out these amazing local shops now and place your orders! Supporting local shops and patronizing sustainable products is the perfect combo for guilt-free shopping.

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