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Para Kay: A Village Pipol Magazine Christmas Gift Guide

Para Kay: A Village Pipol Magazine Christmas Gift Guide

We are about to celebrate Christmas in just a few weeks. However, due to busy and hectic schedules, we know that a lot of you have not even started shopping for Christmas gifts for your loved ones. With that said, Village Pipol Magazine is here to help you avoid all the scrambling about what to give to your family and friends. 

Para Kay: A Village Pipol Magazine Christmas Gift Guide

Para Kay Papa

Papa, in the simplest term, emanates unconcentrated coolness and knowledge since day one. He is someone we can turn to whenever we need some sort of wisdom and consolation. What’s the best route to go to the city hall? Papa knows. What’s the best gadget to buy? Papa knows. That’s why for Christmas, you don’t want to get stuck when choosing a gift.  

Para Kay Mama

Mamas come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and attitudes. She runs marathons, companies, and the family. But, these mamas all have something in common —  they have at least one person who owes them a great big thank you. Perhaps, that person is you? So, it’s time to get on it. 

Para Kay Kuya

Kuya is a very special person. With that uniqueness comes the need for an equally exceptional gift that shows how well you know him — and his very specific interests. Whatever the case, finding the perfect gift for Kuya can be tough. To help you save time, of course, we got you covered!

Para Kay Ate

You know all your Ate’s secrets (even when she threatened to beat you up for spilling it). And, it can be hard to choose a gift for her… yes, for that reason alone. To make gift-giving this Christmas a little more painless, we listed down a few things that she might like. 

Para Kay Lolo

When Christmas rolls around, don’t forget to give a gift to one special guy: Lolo! Whether you’re looking for a last-minute gift for him, we’ve got a few options for you to choose from. Don’t put too much pressure. After all, he will likely love it especially when he knows it’s from you. 

Para Kay Lola

As you search for meaningful gifts for the women in your life, don’t forget about your Lola! She has been there for you in almost every aspect of your life growing up. So, let us help your search for a gift this Christmas. We may even help you guys become number one on her list. 

Para Kay Bespren

Nothing ever goes right when they’re not around. They have been there for you through it all. From advice to celebrating accomplishments and so much more. When it comes to shopping for the perfect gift this Christmas, it may feel impossible to find something that’s amazing as they are. That’s why we’ve made a short list just for them! 

Para Kay BF

Shopping for your man can feel stressful — even if you’ve been dating for yearsssss. You want to find that one special present that proves how well you know him and how much you care. After looking at our best gift for your BF this Christmas, you’ll find at least one thing that he will love.

Para Kay GF

Getting a Christmas gift for your GF isn’t a test — except it kind of is. So, take it seriously. We might be kidding on that part…. but, we promise, it’s worth the effort. It’s not always about the price tag, it’s more about the thoughtfulness the occasion deserves. 

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Para Kay Self

We have to get a Christmas gift for ourselves, too! So, why not look at the short list below?

Available on Shopee Mall, these gifts are definitely perfect for Christmas! Let us know which you will be getting in the comments section below!

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