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Holly Jolly Christmas Bells Ringing in Tagaytay City

Holly Jolly Christmas Bells Ringing in Tagaytay City

Marching in front of you is the loud sound of a walking band and people clamoring around the vicinity. Tagaytay City Christmas breeze finally came around. Unlike, this time with a twist as the community opened its doors to a much-awaited bazaar where people could come together during this cold Christmas.

After visiting the trending Tagaytay Tourism Christmas Bazaar, I could say it was worth it. Hearing people and seeing a huge crowd feels like Holiday. Thus, no wonder it was a blockbuster weekend night in this renowned city.

Astonishing Crowd of Tagaytay Christmas Bazaar

Joining the massive number of people while embracing the cold nights became a good experience on my behalf. From walking to seeing different products in this lovely bazaar, I witnessed a great anthem of festivity. Besides, spending time has never felt fun and at ease while enjoying your camaraderie.

Believing Christmas magic finally sparked again this year as we all had different celebrations during the past years of the pandemic. Although the safety of people remains a priority, officials and security officers were rounding off the vicinity. And, it cannot be denied that his Christmas event would grow more audience sooner. Luckily, the local government has welcomed a humungous number of tourists for a very long time.

Classic Food Choices

Being a fan of this Christmas event would delight people to feed their bellies and souls. In turn, a wide variety of food was offered on different stalls in the bazaar. Craving for different cuisines, the Tagaytay Bristmas Bazaar has it all. From Filipino food to Western, Japanese, and Korean snacks, this bazaar contains all the classics we have been looking for.

And for my selection, I chose the Christmas and Filipino classic, “puto bumbong, “a sticky violet dessert topped with coconut shavings, sugar, and sweet cream. Although there are more than a hundred choices, a short time would not be enough to enjoy everything just in one night. Because of this, no doubt that more people like me will be coming back again.

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Undeniable Line of Joy

Despite the massive crowd and fad, this event is an undeniable line of joy. Celebrating this event also opened doors for local businesses in Tagaytay City. A great idea that boosts tourism and is a bundle of laughter for families and tourists everywhere. Wherein, people could also select from a mountain of souvenirs for their loved ones back home.

Indeed, this event will continue as we nearly reach the most awaited time of the year. This Christmas bazaar opens from Fridays to Sundays at the city’s heart in its City Hall. I wonder how many more people will think of coming to this event in the future as they enjoy their Holly Jolly Christmas Bells Ringing.

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