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INSTAGRAM RAID: WayV shows their love for pets

INSTAGRAM RAID: WayV shows their love for pets

WayV members’ Instagram accounts are full of their pets’ photos. We could not get enough of their cuteness and their undeniable closeness!

WayV is the fourth sub-unit of K-Pop boy group NCT. They are under Label V, SM Entertainment’s China-exclusive label. The group’s name WayV or WeiShen stands for We are your vision. It consists of seven members: Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang. WayV made its debut with an album titled The Vision in 2019.

The group adopted three pets: two cats and one dog. They named the cats Louis and Leon while the dog is Bella. They all live together in WayV’s dormitory in South Korea. Now, let us take a look at more of their photos uploaded on Instagram!

Photo Credits: Kun


WayV adopted pets in 2020. Bella, the only canine in their family is a beagle. She made her first appearance on Lucas’ Instagram on May 9, 2020. It also looks like Lucas and Xiaojun serve as Bella’s dads.

In one Instagram live of Xiaojun, Bella was seen pooping on Xiaojun’s room’s carpet. He even shared that Bella does her business in different locations. Furthermore, she also once stole a burger and pooped in Lucas’s room. Then, Lucas gave her a cute punishment for making them watch TV together.

WayV members adore Bella even though she is hyperactive. She also has a close relationship with Louis and Leon.


Ten is more close to the cats, especially to a Siamese cat Louis. He always includes the pets in his videos, Instagram live, and stories. He also made Louis and Leon dance to NCT 127’s song Kick It.

Ten adopted Louis and was first introduced on his Instagram post on May 6, 2020. Since Louis joined WayV, the members have constantly posted a picture of him.


The group adopted the Abyssinian cat Leon on June 17, 2020. The cat made an appearance on NCT 24hr RELAY CAM in 2020. Moreover, Louis and Leon are good friends who are frequently seen playing together.


WayV is now composed of ten family members. They even did a photo shoot and made official merchandise featuring Leon, Louis, and Bella on June 8, 2021.

They name their official pet merchandise as Our Home: WayV with Little Friends. The group created a t-shirt, postcard, bag, key chain, and photo book as their merch.

Truth be told, we cannot avoid chaos when a dog and cats are living under the same roof. But, their bonding and playing time warms our hearts. Just like how WayV shows their love to their pets, we should also treat our pets as part of our family.

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