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BER Months Memes: Filipinos transition from August to September

BER Months Memes: Filipinos transition from August to September

Finally, the “Ber” months arrived! I suppose hanging Christmas lanterns and amazing street lights will no longer surprise you because it has become a tradition for every Filipino. That is simply how Filipinos transition from August to September in order to prepare for this wonderful season.

But aside from all these decorations that mark the holiday season, Filipinos celebrate the beginning of the “Ber” months with never-ending online memes. Here are a few examples of how Filipinos transition from August to September.

Whenever Jose Mari Chan appears online

Jose Mari Chan is known as the “Father of Philippine Christmas Music”.  One of his most well-known songs, Christmas in our Hearts, has thousands of copies sold. Filipinos have a long list of Christmas songs to choose from, and I’m sure most of the songs he sang are on it. “Ber” months will not be as special as it is without Jose Mari Chan. Like this one, his songs will undoubtedly follow you from left and right. 

The mashup we never expected

That video was posted by Glee Moore on Facebook. Can we all agree that it is a perfect Christmas mashup sung by Charlie Puth, BTS’ Jungkook, and Jose Mari Chan? I will not be surprised if you will be dancing to this song if it ever plays on your stereos.

As we all can remember, Charlie Puth and BTS’ Jungkook surprised their fans after announcing their scheduled collaboration. Soon enough, their song Left and Right received love and positive feedback from fans for its beat and lyrics. Well, I can’t blame them! That song unleashed my inner dancing Diva!

Following that is a heartwarming mashup of the songs performed by the two best-selling music artists. With a mix of an emotional love song from Whitney Houston and a pop holiday song from Mariah Carey, you will have a hard time figuring out if you want to dance, emote, or maybe do both of them at the same time.

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I will always loooove these songs! That video was posted by Cyrus Seraspe on Facebook. Who would have thought this love song will serve as a transition for this season? Well, maybe because both love and Christmas are in our hearts? Filipinos are incredibly talented at creating engaging online content. I hope that this coming Christmas, all of our wishes come true just like what Mariah Carey hoped for.

These are just a few of the memes we see at the beginning of September that never get out of date. Christmas will always be something we look forward to and all of us have a different way to express our interest in this holiday. Whatever meme you share or songs you play, the only thing that matters is your happiness. Do you have any Ber months memes you can share with us?

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